All leaked Cosmetics found in Fortnite v9.40 update featuring Astro Assassin Skin, Copper Wasp Skin, Striped Stalker Back Bling and more!

Fortnite latest update v9.40 has arrived with a slew of leaks. The large update includes files for the upcoming battle between Doggus and Cattus in addition to Fortnite’s 2nd birthday event. Also found amongst the leaked file are many cosmetics that are due to come out soon!

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Epic Games last few Fortnite patches have been smaller content updates, but v9.40 is anything but small. Below you will find all the cosmetic leaked in the latest Fortnite update. Keep in mind, everything you’ll see below are leaks and may never make it into the live Fortnite Game.

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Fortnite v9.40 Leaked Skins

Copper Wasp Skin – Epic

Karate master known for his vicious sting.

Copper Wasp Skin Fortnite
Copper Wasp

Astro Assassin Skin – Epic

Out of this atmosphere.

Astro Assassin Skin Fortnite
Astro Assassin

Mika Skin – Rare

Riding into the future.

Mika Skin Fortnite

Bachii Skin – Rare

Adorably mysterious.

Bachii Skin Fortnite

Anarchy Agent Skin – Uncommon

Go on your way.

Anarchy Agent Skin
Anarchy Agent

Tsuki Skin – Rare

Unpredictable and unforgiving.

Tsuki Skin Rare Fortnite

Fortnite v9.40 Leaked Back Bling

Striped Stalker Back Bling – Epic

Ready to pounce.

Striped Stalker Back Bling Fortnite
Striped Stalker

Mochi Back Bling – Rare

So sweet.

Mochi Back Bling Fortnite

Tahna Back Bling – Rare

On the edge.

Tahna Back Bling Fortnite

Fortnite v9.40 Leaked Wraps

Mecha Team Wrap – Rare

Show your style.

Mecha Team Wrap Fortnite
Mecha Team

Squared Wrap – Rare

Show your style.

Squared Wrap Fortnite

Red Line Wrap – Rare

Show your style.

Red Line Wrap Fortnite
Red Line

Stinger Wrap – Uncommon

Show your style.

Stinger Wrap Fortnite

Fortnite v9.40 Leaked Cosmetics

Power Punch Pickaxe
Power Punch
Chaos Glider Fortnite
Business Hips Emote Fortnite
Business Hips
Reckless Emote Fortnite
Revel Emote Fortnite
Best Buds Music Fortnite
Best Buds