The latest update for Fortnite: Battle Royale has been released. You can read all about it here. The new updated includes some truly exciting items but most of all the patch revealed new skins, possibly season 6 skins. These skins included evil clowns, a female ice warrior, and their cosmetics -Backbling and Gliders. The theme so far seems to be leaning towards the Halloween season, let’s take a glance at these creepy new skins.

Update:  The new skins are named –

Nite Nite (Epic) Male– Sleep tight!

Nite Nite has two unlockable stages – CREEPY and Creepier. The backbling that belongs to the male version is the Balloon Llama.

Peekaboo (Epic) Female.

Peekaboo’s back bling that comes with this skins will be the Balloon Battle Bus.

Valkyrie (Legendary) – A chilling revelation

Update 2 

The Frostwing Glider is in the item shop today! 09/19/2018.

It appears as if Epic Games will be releasing these new cosmetics sooner than anticipated. Frostwing is available for the cost of 1,500 V-Bucks.

Frostwing Legendary Glider - Fortnite

Credits – Twitter user AsvalGTA

Epic Nite Nite Skins

Leaked Fortnite skins, Creepy and Creepier - Female
Leaked Fortnite skins, Creepy and Creepier - Male

Legendary Valkyrie Leaked Skin

Valkyrie Legendary Leaked Skin Season 6

Leaked Cosmetics that come with the new skins Nite Nite and Valkyrie.

Balloon Backbling

Balloon backbling - Fortnite season 6 leaks

Valkyrie Glider and Wings

Valkyrie Glider and wings Fortnite Season 6

With season 6 around the corner, it appears as though Epic Games are preparing for Halloween. Not only do we have the leaked Clown outfits already but also rumors of a Halloween game lobby overhaul have surfaced online. As for whether the new skins leaked are intended for season 6 We do not know. Our instincts tell us they are for a Halloween event but time will tell.

We’ll update this post when we know more.