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Fortnite LEAKED skins found in patch 6.01 – Freaky Scarecrows and Cube Glider

Straw Ops, Hey Man and Thunder Crash Outfit leaked!

The latest update for Fortnite: Battle Royale has been released, after being delayed a day for unforeseen circumstances. In patch 6.01 more leaks have surfaced which include, 2 leaked scarecrow skins and their cosmetics – Backbling and Glider. These freaky new skins are just in time for the Halloween season.

The first major patch since season 6 arrival is here, well just about and fans are hoping for fixes, more stability and new cosmetics. Fortnite season 6 has been riddled with bugs, with many users experiencing stability issues or they are unable to connect to the game. Other players have encountered critical bugs that prompted the removal of the newly added Shadow Stones. Are we going to see the return of the Shadow Stones this Patch?

On top of all this, dataminer @siloleaks released footage of a game-breaking exploit just over 24 hours ago.
Many thought the patch was going to be released in their usual time slot on Tuesday but was delayed by 24 hours,
Check out the leaked skins in Fortnite Patch 6.01 below


Straw Ops (Female)

The harvest grows near

Scarecrow Leaked Fortnite Skin - Straw Ops

Hay Man (Male)

Scare. Those. Crows

Scarecrow Leaked skin Fortnite pact 6.01 Hay Man


Field Wraith (Scarecrow)

Scarecrow Glider Leaked Fortnite - Field Wraith

Dark Glyph (Dark Bomber Glider)

Cube Glider Fortnite Leaked - Dark Glyph


Hay Nest (Male)

Hatch a plan

Scarecrow Leaked Fortnite Season 6 Backbling - Hay Nest


Keep your enemies close

Scarecrow Backbling Leaked Fortnite - Birdhovel


Thunder Crash (Dark Bomber)

Thunder Crash Dark Bomber Fortnite Axe leaked

Harvester (Scarecrow)

Leaked Scarecrow Axe Fortnite - Harvester


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