Epic Games have release Fortnite patch 4.3 to the world. Players are updating their games to find out all new content that is being released this patch. Especially new skins and emotes Epic Games have in store for us.

What appears to be in no time at all, leaked skins are already emerging. As users have already extracted the next wave of content. Here at l2pBomb, we have collected all the information for you. So without wasting anymore, time lets check out the new leaked skins!

There is no released date on when to expect these skins in the store but expect them to appear over the next few weeks.

The 6 skins shown above consists of Heroes, villains, ballers and robbers. With each skin having a complete set. Each set contains, back-bling, pickaxes and gliders.

Some skins have their own themed emotes such as ballers with their basketball emote.

The basketball-themed skins are most likely in anticipation of the NBA finals. Exactly what Epic Games did with patch 4.1. Releasing Thanos gameplay mode around the same time Avengers Infinity War in cinemas.

There you have it. Check back from more news, leaks and guides here at l2pBomb.