Guardians of The Galaxy Star-Lord skin set is heading to Fortnite as dataminers unearth files during Fortnite Patch v8.50 update

As the movie Avengers: Endgame hits the movie theatres; Fortnite has introduced Endgame Challenges, Endgame LTM and Avengers-themed cosmetics. However, found within their data files is another set of movie-theme cosmetics, Star-Lords skin set from Guardians Of The Galaxy with the characters also appearing in Avengers movies.

Shared via Twitter by FNBRHQ and FNLeakss revealing pieces of information confirming the existence of Star-Lord skin set

The confirmation of the existence of the Star-Lord skin set was revealed and shared via Twitter by FNBRHQ and FNLeakss

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It is not known when we see the skin enter Fortnite or if at all. Leaks only show the data exist but doesn’t necessarily mean Fortnite will use it and release it. Previous leaks cosmetics have been found but is yet to materialise and they may never will. However, due to the success of the movies and the current promotion of Avengers: Endgame we have high hopes of seeing the skin outfit shortly within Fortnite.

Other characters cosmetics may also be hidden with Fortnite data but are yet to be found. I’m hoping for a Groot skin set with matching dancing Groot Emote!

Endgame LTM is currently live and by completing all of the Endgame challenges users can unlock the Avengers Quinjet Glider along with sprays, emoticons and more.