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Fortnite Leaks: The Cube Is Growing! Plus New Traps Coming!

Latest Update On Kevin The 'Cube' And The New Freeze Traps

Not even a day goes by and more leaks have been found within Fortnite files. This time Fortnite will be introducing a new type of trap. Additionally to this news, some new data that has been unearthed that has got everyone excited for what is coming. It’s regarding Kevin.

For those who do not know who Kevin is, where have you been? As the world frantically watched Fortnite Season 5 nearing its end, fans all over the world studied and followed a purple cube with runes. This cube caused destruction to the Fortnite Battlegrounds teasing the world of what season 6 may bring. Atlas, Kevin fused in with Loot Lake and after a while, an explosion ripped a hole in a ground and created a giant vortex.

Now there is a floating island in the middle of the lake but if you notice, Kevin is still there. Kevin is fused at the bottom of the island and reformed back into a Cube.

Fortnite Season 6 Cube

Data that has been unearthed has files that suggest that Kevin will be growing.

Fortnite Cube Growth Data

This has caused a meltdown with the fans anticipating Kevin next move and pondering on what will happen in season 6

Will the cube cause more destruction throughout season 6?

Maybe Kevin will cause even more darkness in time for Halloween? We will keep you posted and keep you guys informed.

Freeze Trap

Fortnite is set to introduce the new freeze trap to Battle Royale. Players of Save The World would have already been able to use these traps as they were introduced to the PvE campaign months back.

Fortnite Freeze Trap Item

Similar to the cube data files, the freeze traps assets were found in the ‘Athena’ directory which is the home of Battle Royale files confirming it will be making an appearance

Fortnite Freeze Trap Data


Check back soon for more leaks as soon as they arrive.


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