Discovered datafiles have unearthed potentially two new Limited Time Modes set to be released soon. Sword Fight, a game mode set around the Infinity Blade and Catch!

Fans of Fortnite may have believed we had seen the end of the controversial Infinity Blade once Epic Games decided to vault the lethal weapon. But it would seem that Epic Games have other ideas in mind for the sword that caused havoc towards the start of Season 7.

Sword Fight

In this game mode, players will find epic or better weapons within treasure chest only, with the occasional Infinity Blade thrown in for good measure. You’ll fight to the death until one is left standing. Who will come out on top, and who will have the courage to weld such a godly weapon?

Fortnite Sword Fight Leaked LTM - Fortnite | Epic Games
Fortnite Sword Fight Leaked LTM – Fortnite | Epic Games

Regarded as one of Fortnite’s greatest flops, the Infinity Blade was released completely overpowered. To add further injury to the weapon, Epic Games had released the weapon just days before a competitive event. These naturally upset many Fortnite players, many of whom were ecstatic when the Sword was launched into the vault. Have Epic Games learned their lesson with this weapon?

Also joining Sword Fight is the new LTM Catch! This explosive game mode will remove all guns. The only weapons available to you are any form of grenades or items that can be thrown. Get your destruction shoes on and explode your enemies to become the last person standing.

Catch! Leaked LTM - Fortnite | Epic Games
Catch! Leaked LTM – Fortnite | Epic Games

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