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Fortnite Magnifying Glass Treasure Map Location – Week 3 Challenges [Season 8]

Where To Find The Treasure Map Loading Screen?

Fortnite Week 3 challenges are now live. Complete them all to earn XP, Battle Stars and move closer to unlocking the Season 8 Discovery Skin.

Week 3’s challenges will have players chopping down Cacti, placing traps and all the familiar tasks that Epic Games like to give. Additionally included in week three is the return of the infamous treasure map. Players are tasked with the following “Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen.”

The Treasure Map is referring to a Loading Screen you unlock at Tier 10 of the Battle Pass. It shouldn’t take to long to reach the required tier, if you have not already. Let’s take a look at the “treasure map.”

Fortnite Week 3 challenges location
Fortnite Week 3 Challenge Location

The key clue here is naturally the Magnifying Glass, with that in mind we clearly need to head to the snow biome. Under the Magnifying Glass we see a ring of trees, so that narrows down the possible locations.

Fortnite Treasure Map Loading Screen
Fortnite Treasure Map Loading Screen

The ring of trees will have us heading in the direction of Polar Peek, specifically south-west of Polar Peak. Once you have reached the location, you will spot the three Legendary Frozen statues. You may recognize these frozen skins as they were part of the Christmas Skin Bundle. Navigate towards Frozen Raven(the harrowing figure with the hood), and the battle star will reveal itself.

Fortnite Frozen Legendary Skins
Ring of Trees – Three Legendary Frozen Skins


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