Fortnite Monster Vs Mecha Robot Event – Storyboard

Let The Battle Begin

Fortnite treated players to its most elaborate in-game event on Saturday, 20th July. A final showdown between the mighty monster known as Cattus and the freshly built mecha robot Doggus. With distinct inspiration drawn from classic cartoons like Voltron, Fortnite’s Monster Vs Mecha Robot event was incredible.

Weeks in the making, Season 9’s story progression took a sinister turn when the ice melted around Polar Peek revealing a large eye beneath the iceberg. Presumably, the monster had laid dormant underneath the ice long before the Ice King’s arrival. Cattus eventually broke free from the ice, taking part of Polar Peak’s Castle with it. The freakishly large monster started to smash through POI’s and destroying small locations as it forged its way to the surrounding waters.

After that frightening moment, Cattus went eerily quiet. Did the monster merely leave, is the beast dormant once more? No one knew what it was devising or whether it meant any harm. But then, rumored sightings of Cattus started to hit the internet showing the Monster whizzing around the Fortnite waters like a crazed submarine.

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Fortnite Season 9 warped players into the future, introducing the stunning Neo Tilted that features holographic, visual digital billboards and slipstreams. Other POIs like Mega Mall also made it evidently clear that we had entered an era past our present time. Consequently, it came as no surprise when the response to Cattus taunting the Fortnite World was to build an oversized Mecha Robot in Pressure Plant.

Once the robot construction was underway, players started to notice that Doggus was constructed of iconic features. Left Foot Durrr Burger, Right Foot Tomato Head for example. Sharply after the colorful mecha robot Doggus was complete, an event timer was projected out of a nearby sky platform. The Great Battle was on!

On the 20th of July 2019, The timer reached zero and the Fortnite live event began. Underneath you can visualize our edited images in a storyboard fashion so that you can see step by step how this tremendous war between Monster vs Mecha Robot unfolded.

Robot vs Mecha Robot – The Beginning

Doggus wasted no time initiating the battle! The moment Cattus emerged from the waters the Mecha Robot sprung to life. While the enormous monster was seemingly more interested in playing with parts of the Fortnite map, Doggus engaged with a flurry of rockets.

As powerful as the rockets were, they proved to be ineffective as Cattus picked its large frame back up, extremely angered, the monster let out a large roar! Toxic green slowly filled Cattus’ large body and then it returned fire with a potent green flame, hitting the mecha robot directly. Doggus staggered to the ground from the powerful blast and once the robot stood back up its armor was visibly battle-scarred, steaming from the green flame.

Doggus showed no signs of giving up. Immediately charging at the monster and spearing it into the air! Jet rockets firing from the robot’s feet, Doggus flew into the air taking the monster along for the ride. Crashlanding into the water, the two giants disappeared for a brief heart-stopping moment. Doggus finally emerged heroically from the water, victorious and proud…But then.

Out of nowhere, Cattus launched out of the deep waters and onto the unaware robot’s back. The vicious monster scratched, clawed, chewed on the shocked mecha robot. Biting down onto Doggus’ armor, breaking the robot’s weapons and then finally sinking its razor-sharp teeth into Doggus’ metal arms. After a slight struggle, Cattus rips the robot’s arm clean off! The force sent Cattus flying, Doggus, however, collapsed badly injured and seemingly defeated.

Doggus’ mechanical body laid spread out across Loot Lake, lifeless. Unwilling to give up, Doggus musters as much strength as possible and smashes into the vault to pull out strange-looking purple orb. Crushing the orb with its only functional hand, the orb explodes, fusing with the robot’s arm causing the mecha’s entire arm to glow blue, empowered.

A Strengthened Doggus marches towards Cattus and wallops the monster with a mighty punch! The super punch sends Cattus flying across the Fortnite map and crashing hard on the ground.

Storming towards the fallen monster, Doggus randomly comes to a stand still and slants its head in the direction of Neo Tilted. Zoning in on the stunning female statue at the heart of Neo Tilted, Doggus proceeds to snatch the statue and pulls it from the ground. As the statue starts to tear from the ground, we witness a secret sword appearing, with the female statue as the weapon base.

Holding the sword that I’ve dubbed Excalibur into the air in what must be a perfect homage to Voltron, Doggus set his sights on Cattus. This glorious battle must come to an epic end with one final showdown, and for sure … It does!

Launching heroically into the air, Doggus stabs the one-eyed monster in the head with “Excalibur” Instantly killing the ferocious monster.

The battle was hard-fought but there could only be one victor, luckily for the Fortnite world that victor was Doggus. How did the robot choose to celebrate its victory? The only way Fortnite heroes know, with a dance obviously! Breaking out the one-armed ‘NO SWEAT’ Floss. Doggus then gave us one final salute before flying into the skies, knowing it had completed its mission.

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