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Fortnite New Map Changes In Patch v6.10 – Tomato Town Fights Back?

Demolition begins at Tilted Towers

Fortnite patch v6.10 has arrived which featured the new vehicle QuadCrasher and In-game tournaments. Missing from the patch notes, however, are the new map changes that have occurred this patch. The building struck by the cube in Tilted Towers is being demolished, a new racetrack has landed just East of Junk Junction and Tomato Town’s previous store owner fights back?

Demolition has begun in Tilted towers

Tilted Towers Building Demolition
Demolition of Tilted Tower's Building

It would seem that the locals of Tilted towers have given up hope restoring this iconic building. After being hit by the Comet this building was restored only to be crushed by the cube. Unfortunately, the will to restore the building once more is not there as such demolition has begun.

Racetrack East of Junk Junction.

New Race Track east of Junk Junction

Lined with four of the new Quadcrashers (There’re only three in the image as, well I may have driven one of the cliff…Oops)  this mini racetrack can be found east of Junk Junction. The scoreboard above could be just for cosmetics however, no doubt there’ll be a future challenge based around the new track at some point.

Tomato Town fights back?

Tomato Town Fights Back - Pizza Pit Food truck

The Pizza joint owner will not give up his town without a fight! Appearing on the outskirts of Tomato Temple you’ll find the new (albeit downgraded) Pizza joint called “Pizza Pit”. Is this food truck owner fighting back to reclaim his town?

We’ll update this post as more discoveries are made so watch out. Follow us on social media so you’ll never miss an update!


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