The first lot of Overtime challenges are now available with their respective rewards, but there is a grand prize up for grabs by completing 13 Free Overtime challenges. Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass!

Overtime Challenges

Overtime Challenges - Fortnite | Epic Games
Overtime Challenges – Fortnite | Epic Games

Six Overtime challenges are now available in Fortnite and ready to be completed for various rewards. However, Fortnite has been exceptionally generous by offering players the option to send one person a Free Heartspan Glider due to the return of the gifting feature. Furthermore, Fortnite announced a big surprise. Players will have a chance to earn Season 8 Battle Pass for FREE and several outfits.

Completing 13 Free Overtime Challenges you will unlock Season 8 Battle Pass. Only six challenges are available with the remaining challenges will be released in the coming days. Within 9 Days time, all Overtime Challenges will be available.

Battle Pass Overtime Challenges

Reach Battle pass Tier 47
Reach Battle Pass TIer 71
Reach Battle Pass Tier 87

By reaching each tier you will unlock new styles for your Battle Pass Cosmetics

Free Overtime Challenges

Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands

Collecting Coins - Fortnite  | Overtime Challenges
Collecting Coins – Fortnite | Overtime Challenges

Enter Creative Mode and choose one of the featured islands. Throughout the featured island are Fortnite coins you need to collect.

You will need to collect 15 coins to complete the challenge. All coins are counted soon as you collect them, so you can leave the island anytime with occurring any loss of your coins.

Reward – 500 XP

Search Chests or Ammo Boxes at A Motel or An RV Park

Search at least 7 ammo boxes or chest at either a motel or RV Park to earn yourself 500 XP as your reward

Place Top 15 in Duos with A Friend

You will need to enter games as a DUO with a friend. Your goal is to stay alive and finish within the Top 15 three times.

Reward – A wrap for your weapons and vehicles.

Valentine Wrap
Valentine Wrap – Fortnite | Epic Games

Further challenges that are not yet unlocked have been revealed by Dataminers.

In no particular order or when each Overtime Challenge will be available here is the remainder of the challenges.

Deal (?) damage to opponents with Assault Rifles or Pistols
Deal (?) damage to opponents with Shotguns or SMGs
Outlast (75) opponents in a single match
Play matches of Driftin’ with a friend
Regain health from a campfire in (?) different matches
Search (?) chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or a dance club
Search (?) chests or ammo boxes at The Block
Search a Supply Drop in (?) different matches
Thank the Bus Driver in (?) different matches
Place Top 10 in Squads with a friend
Visit (?) different waterfalls
Revive a friend in (?) different matches
Visit (?) named locations