Epic Games released Fortnite patch 6.02 this morning. The new update brings the new Disco Domination LTM and a deadly weapon – Quad Launcher. “Break out your best moves and take control of the dance floor in this new Limited Time Mode.”

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New Rocket Launcher – Quad Launcher

Holding four explosive rockets at a time the new Quad launcher can take out huge structures quickly. You can fire four times before you have to reload and the weapon has a quick cast time. Personally, this weapon appears to be extreme and possibly more suitable for LTMs. What do you think about the Quad Launcher?

Full details

Quad Launcher

  • Fire up to four lobbed rockets in quick succession.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
    • 80/84 base damage per rocket.
    • 300 unit explosion radius.
  • Can be found in chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • The Port-a-Fortress has returned and can be looted in-game.
    • Port-a-Fortress availability lowered from 2.43% to 1.83%.
  • Loot drop rate adjustments
    • Decreased common Pistol drop chance from 5.8% to 5.47%
    • Increased Epic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle drop chance from 0.33% to 0.42%
    • Decreased Rare Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle drop chance from 0.92% to 0.71%
    • Increased Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle drop chance from 0.33% to 0.4%
    • Increased Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle drop chance from 0.07% to 0.13%
    • Decreased Rare Grenade Launcher drop chance from 1.45% to 0.99%
    • Increased Epic Rocket Launcher drop chance from 0.59% to 0.66%
    • Increased Legendary Rocket Launcher drop chance from 0.08% to 0.21%
    • Increased Epic Guided Missile drop chance from 0.11% to 0.2%
    • Increased Legendary Guided Missile drop chance from 0.03% to 0.05%

Disco Domination LTM

Disco Domination Fortnite LTM

Now, this is a unique take on king of the hill or capture the flag. The game mode is a 50v50 with player tasked with capturing points. However, these “points” are dance floors and to capture you must emote on the floor to raise the disco ball. The more teammate you have at one-time dancing will raise the disco ball faster. Each captured dance floor will raise your “dance bar”. The first team who fills up this bar wins!

You can respawn in Disco Domination all the way up until the last circle. So you’ll have plenty of time to get your groove on.

Full details

It’s time for the ultimate dance-off. Dance Floors have spawned around the Battle Royale island. Take them over by clearing out any enemies and then dancing to raise a disco ball up from the floor. The team that fills their meter the fastest by capturing and defending the dance floors will win the match!

Mode Details

  • Two teams of fifty players.
  • Respawning will be turned on until the third (last) storm circle.
  • Five dance floors will appear on the map whenever the storm is not moving.
  • Emoting on a dance floor when no enemies are present will raise a disco ball in the center of the floor, and capture it for your team.
    • The more friendly players dancing on a floor, the faster it will be captured.
  • Once a floor is captured, it will begin filling the team’s “dance bar” on the HUD, until either an enemy stands on it or the current storm timer ends and the storm begins to move. The first team to fill their dance bar to 100% will win the match.
  • The dance floors in the later stages of the match fill the bar more quickly, so don’t give up if your team is behind!
  • It is not possible to build on or over the dance floors, but they can be protected by surrounding them with a fort.
  • Glider redeploy is activated in this mode, press jump while falling to use your glider.
  • This mode uses 50v50 levels of loot and resources.