Fortnite’s latest patch dropped today, bringing with it heaps of leaked cosmetics including Molten Battle Hound Skin and Shaman Skin.

Every time Epic Games releases a new patch, dataminers scan through the games new files looking to find some upcoming goodies to share. Patch v8.20 is no different. Found amongst the new game files are leaked skins, pickaxes, gliders, Back Blings, wraps and emotes.

Please note: these leaked files have not been confirmed by Epic Games and may never make it into the game. There is also the possibility that some of the cosmetics below undergo some changes before they are made official.

Here are all the leaked Skins found in Patch v8.20:

Molten Battle Hound Skin – Legendary

Release the molten hound!

Molten Battle Hound Skin
Molten Battle Hound

Molten Valkyrie Skin – Legendary

A fiery revelation.

Molten Valkyrie
Molten Valkyrie

Buccaneer Skin – Rare

Sail the salty seas.

Buccaneer Skin Fortnite

Sea Wolf Skin – Rare

Howl at the sea.

Sea Wolf Skin Fortnite
Sea Wolf

Prickly Patroller Skin – Uncommon

Just a cactus being a cactus.

Prickly Patroller Skin Fortnite
Prickly Patroller

Shaman Skin – Epic

Embody the spirit of victory.

Shaman Skin Fortnite

Nightwitch Skin – Epic

Rise with the moon.

Nightwitch Skin Fortnite

Unknown EvilSuit Skin

EvilSuit Skin Fortnite
Unknown EvilSuit Skin

Fortnite leaked Gliders

Lavawing Glider – Legendary

Awoken by a violent eruption.

Lavawing Glider Fortnite

Cuddly Cruiser Glider – Rare

The turbulence is bearable.

Cuddly Cruiser Rare Fortnite
Cuddly Cruiser

Plunder Glider – Uncommon

Set sail to Plunder!

Plunder Glider Fortnite

Targeted Glider – Uncommon

Always hit your mark.

Targeted Glider Fortnite

Fortnite Leaked Pickaxes

Demon Skull Pickaxe – Epic

Imbued with the remnants of a lost soul.

Demon Skull Fortnite Pickaxe
Demon Skull

High Seas Pickaxe – Rare

Steer through the storm.

High Seas Pickaxe Fortnite
High Seas

Moonbone Pickaxe – Rare

Strike at full moon.

Moonbone Pickaxe Fortnite
Moonbone Pickaxe

Prickly Axe Pickaxe – Rare

Handle with caution.

Prickly Axe Fortnite
Prickly Axe

Unknown EvilSuit Pickaxe

EvilSuit Pickaxe Fortnite
Unknown EvilSuit

Fortnite Back Blings

Seaworthy Back Bling – Rare

Ready to board.

Seaworthy Back Bling Fortnite

Barrel & Booty Back Bling – Rare

True bling.

Barrel & Booty Back Bling Fortnite
Barrel & Booty

Molten Crested Cape Back Bling – Legendary

Molten and courageous.

Molten Crested Cape Fortnite
Molten Crested Cape

Molten Valkyrie Wings Back Bling – Legendary

Burning winds prevail.

Molten Valkyrie Wings Fortnite
Molten Valkyrie Wings

Battle Mask Back Bling – Epic

Battle boldly.

Battle Mask Back Bling Fortnite
Battle Mask

Cuddle Doll Back Bling – Epic

Cute, cuddly, and cursed.

Cuddle Doll Back Bling Leaked Fortnite
Cuddle Doll

Fortnite Wraps

Golden Scales Wrap – Rare

Show your style.

Golden Scales Fortnite Wrap
Golden Scales

Unknown EvilSuit Wrap

Unknown EvilSuit Wrap Fortnite
Unknown EvilSuit Wrap


Show your style.

Heat Wrap Fortnite


Show your style.

Magma Wrap Epic Fortnite