Players can now stay protected in the storm with Fortnite newest item or use it as a weapon!

Fortnite patch v9.20 has arrived and this time around the patch is mainly focused on tweaks, updates and bug fixes. However, Fortnite did manage to excite users by introducing a new versatile weapon, the Storm Flip. Used to support allies or decimate your enemies.

We also, get to say goodbye to one of the guns and will be vaulted in patch v9.20.

Storm Flip

Take a look at a small clip of the new Storm Flip item in action.

As you can see from the clip, Fortnite Storm Flip creates a powerful barrier shielding players who are caught in the storm. Protecting them from receiving any damage. But what the small footage doesn’t reveal is that the Storm Flip has other uses. Not only can you use the Storm Flip for defence purposes, but you can equally utilize it as a weapon.

Throwing the Storm Flip item inside the eye of the storm (the area not affected by the storm) will create the same dome barrier but with the destructive storm trapped inside creating a mini storm zone. Causing damage to anyone caught inside the barrier as the Storm Flip flips the conditions.

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The duration of the Storm Flip will last for 20 seconds before it dissipates and the condition returns back to normal. The newest item will also be available in Epic Rarity and be scavenged from Floor Loot, Chests and Vending Machines.

You may only carry one Storm Flip at one time.

My initial thought is that players will most likely use the versatile item for defence purposes in the early stages of the game where the storm zone moves at a slower pace and does less damage. During the late stages of the game, the storm zone moves constantly and although it will protect you from the storm, you might be too far away to get back into the eye of the storm when the Storm Flip dissipates.

However, pro players may just need that extra couple of seconds in the storm to gain a better vantage point or pop a potion that could keep them in the game.

Using the Storm Flip offensively in the late stage of the game you must be careful not to trap yourself in a mini storm zone. Unless you have more health than your enemies, you can use it to your advantage and sneak your way to Victory Royale.

Fortnite Patch v9.20 Vaulted Weapons

Only one weapon has been vaulted this time around. All variants of the Hunting Rifle have now been vaulted as it has been outclassed by the more efficient Infantry Rifle. Epic Games feel it doesn’t currently occupy a necessary role in the item lineup.

Fortnite v9.20 Changes and Bug Fixes

Loot Carrier

  • Reduced sniper package availability from 12.5% to 8.45%
  • Reduced explosive package availability from 12.5% to 7.04%
  • The chances of getting high-powered, rare items from Supply Drones was higher than felt appropriate, so we’ve reduced their availability slightly

Mounted Turret

  • Overheat now takes 20% longer. 

Boom Bow

  • Increased max charge time on Boom Bow from 1s to 1.25s


  • The Slipstream’s audio, pink ring, and spinning blades turn off when disabled during the fifth phase of the Storm.

Reboot Van

  • Players revived from a Reboot Van will lose invulnerability upon shooting or building.

Air Vents

  • Air Vents are now more forgiving in order to prevent fall damage when players jump on them from high places.

Auto Swap Materials

  • Auto Swap Material option was removed and is always on.

Elimination of Credit Duration Increased

  • Fall damage from 15s to 60s
  • Self-elimination from 15s to 60s
  • Storm elimination from 5s to 60s

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which weapons that previously had no ammo would be unable to be automatically reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where players would take fall damage after exiting a Baller quickly rolling downhill.
  • Aim assist can no longer be used to fire at players using a Shadow Bomb.
  • Fixed an issue where players could damage teammates who were disconnected from the match.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flying Disc Toy would get caught on Ballers in mid-air.
  • Fixed an issue where Slipstream audio and visual FX would continue to occur after the player exits.
  • Fixed an issue where Air Vents’ sound and visual effects occurred more than once.
  • Fixed an issue in which Driftboards were unable to exit Slipstreams.
  • Exiting a vehicle that had entered a Slipstream no longer causes players to skydive.
  • Vending Machines no longer become unusable when a player using one gets eliminated.
  • The Flint-Knock Pistol is now consistently able to knock targets and the shooter the correct distance.
  • Dynamite audio no longer gets stuck on a loop during replays.
  • The lava bounce visual effect no longer persists if a Baller bounces from lava to water.
  • Gamepad custom build controls now consistently allow players to turbo build when using the ‘Place’ action while simultaneously having the ‘Stair,’ ‘Wall,’ ‘Roof,’ or ‘Floor’ action bound.
  • Players outside closed enemy structures can no longer build inside them.
  • Fixed an issue in which the destruction of a building could be interrupted by reconnecting it to its base.
  • Fixed an issue in which players would hang in the air if they disconnected during the bus drop phase.
  • Certain Fortbytes requiring a specific cosmetic item now correctly unlock for players who have it equipped.

We have only highlight most of the main changes and bug fixes of Fortnite Patch v9.20. For the full patch note you can click here.