Fortnite Season 8 is almost upon us as the story starts to seamlessly transition. Earthquake tremors have now started to have an impact on the landscape as a huge crack appears outside of Tomato Temple.

Epic Games have played with the Fortnite map far more than usual throughout Season 7, usually, we only see major map changes at the start of the season (Excluding seasonal events.) However, with the introduction of The Block, the Ice King, The Prisoner and now earthquakes. The map has witnessed many drastic changes, with no doubt more to be introduced before the season ends.

Fortnite Ripped apart by earthquake causing major cracks
Fortnite Ripped apart by earthquake causing major cracks

We can expect to see more cracks form over the approaching days, as the earthquake become more frequent and stronger. If the recent leaks are true, we’ll also start seeing tornadoes tearing through the battlegrounds. How this will impact the state of the Fortnite map once the dust has settled is unclear. There’s a significant possibility that fan favorite locations could be in danger of receiving the Moisty Mire treatment by being replaced as we enter Season 8.

Players have been able to hear and feel the tremors during their games ever since Fortnite v7.30 update. Leaked assets seem to connect the tremors to an event titled “Cracken.” The files all point to a Season 8 build-up event, which if true, would confirm more destruction awaits us.

Fortnite Large Crack - Fortnite Epic Games
Fortnite Large Crack – Fortnite Epic Games

Have you seen more cracks around Fortnite? Which locations would you like to see removed heading into Fortnite Season 8? Let us know.