Season 4 Fortnite is shortly upon us, and for those who are waiting to find out the upcoming skins, look no further. We already know that the ultimate skin will be the Omega skin. You can get this by unlocking tier 100; You will also need a battle pass to reach tier 100, which will cost 950 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Battle Royale community members TwoEpicBuddies gave us some anticipated news. They have managed to leak all cosmetics items that are available throughout season 4. Unfortunately, there is no time frame on when to expect these skins to be available. From previous leaks, these items become available shortly afterward.

Take a look at the skins designs you will likely see upon the release of Fortnite season 4. Ranging from new gliders, Back-bling, pickaxes, emotes and character skins

Fortnite Battle Pass leak confirms a variety of skins to look forward to. Expect to see Carbide, Battlehawk, Teknique, Zoey, Valor, Squad Leader and Omega in Season 4.

What the public was unaware of, found hidden in the data, was the inclusion of extra skins. These include two chrome robotic military characters. A male and female neon glow colored skins. A female military version skin and male version of the teknique skin. Finally a skin the resembles an air force colonel.