The first challenge of Week 10 is finally live for you complete and earn some Battle Stars. If you have been following our guides then you notice this challenge is similar to Week 7 of season 5 challenge where you need to search for hidden gnomes. However, in this challenge, there are several jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered all over Fortnite map hidden in basements of houses. You will find a puzzle piece in any basement you go in but not all houses have basements.

What will happen when you put all the puzzle pieces together? Follow our guide to find out and find where several of these basements are located and to collect jigsaw puzzle pieces.

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When you reach one of the jigsaw pieces, press the on-screen prompt to collect it. They are normally just laying on the ground like this.

Jigsaw Puzzle Locations - Fortnite Season 5 Guide

You can visit any of the locations below in any order and at any time.

Greasy Grove

Head over to Greasy Grove and aim straight for ’Durrr Burger’ which is Greasy Grove main restaurant. Go down to the basement. You should see a jigsaw puzzle piece. Once you have collected it, head to the next location.

Pleasant Park

A house on the west side of Pleasant Park has a basement inside the house. Head down the basement to add another jigsaw to your collection.

Salty Springs

Look for the big white house located at the west side of Salty Springs. Go into the basement of the white house and you have another jigsaw puzzle piece.

Shifty Shafts

In the top left-hand side of Shifty Shafts, you will see two houses, the white wooden house next to the blue car outside. Head down to the basement inside the house to receive one of those blue jigsaw puzzle fragments.

Snobby Shores (North)

There is a jigsaw puzzle piece located in the basement in the large house furthest north in Snobby Shores.

Snobby Shores (South)

Outside snobby head down south near the edge of the map and you will be able to find another Jigsaw puzzle piece in the basement here.

Tomato Temple

North of Tomato Temple you will see a path split in two. If you follow the left path that takes you further north, on the right-hand side you will see a large house. The basement is located on the outside of this house, collect the jigsaw piece once you are in the basement.

Once you have collected the last puzzle, all the puzzle are morphed into one complete puzzle. A blue llama!

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges Search 7 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Blue Llama Guide