Fortnite week 2 challenge guide

It’s that time again, Fortnite week 2 challenges have arrived. Missed Week one challenge guide? click here. So what delights await us in week 2? Continuing the trend of last weeks challenges Epic Games have once again streamlined the free challenge amongst the Battle Pass challenges.

The first 3 Challenges this week are free to play by everybody. The remaining 4 are for the players that have purchased this season’s Battle Pass.


Deal Damage With Assault Rifles To Opponents

Due to the number of weapons that fall into the Assault Rifle category, this challenge should be pretty straightforward to complete. Grab yourself any of the weapons below and deal 1000 damage to opponents. You do not have to deal 1000 damage within one match only.

If you would like to see a list of all Weapons Epic games have ever released check here.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes In A Single Match

To complete this challenge, you’ll have to identify and open 7 ammo boxes in a single match. Some Ammo Boxes can be a little tricky to find however be sure to look under stairs, behind sofas and if you’re not a highly confident player do not land Tilted Towers in the hopes of completing this challenge.

If you find yourself struggling with this quest try to land in a spot on the map that’s mostly unoccupied. A convenient place to start would be Haunted Hills, explore all over for Ammo Boxes and then proceed to the houses next to it.

Eliminate Opponents In Paradise Palms

Since the start of season 5, I’m certain most of you have visited Paradise Palms to analyze the new scenery and to discover any potential secrets. Week 2 now gives you one more reason to visit the freshest part of the map.

Eliminate three opponents in Paradise Palms. This area is presently a hot zone because firstly it’s new and secondly it’s huge! Confident players will prefer to look East side of the town which is better populated than the west.


Score A Basket On Different Hoops

Note: You must be at least Battle Tier 11 to complete this challenge.

Once you reach Tier 11, you’ll unlock (new to season 5) a basketball toy that lets you throw a basketball around whilst in a game. You’ll have to use that basketball to complete this weeks challenge – Score a basket on different hoops.

Now you know where the hoops are, travel to any of the locations and score a basket. Do this to five different hoops to complete the challenge.

Search Chest In Loot Lake

Hunting for chests in loot lake can be deadly. Loot Lake is widely open with threats from all sides. To complete this quest, open seven chests in total.

You can find chests in multiple areas of Loot Lake. The three boats occupy a chest each and to the east, there’s an island that can spawn two chests next to each other.

Remember that chest are not guaranteed to spawn each match.

Search Between An Oasis, Rock Archway, And Dinosaurs

Once again well Epic Games has us hunting around the Fortnite map looking for the hidden battle token. This one will take you deep into the desert.

The rocky archway can be located between two large mountains, the large dinosaurs can be found by the junkyard and the oasis is right by the river.  Right in the middle of the three locations is the battle token.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations

Not everyone is able to use the sniper rifle efficiently which makes this challenge difficult for some. To complete the week 2 challenge, eliminate 2 opponents with a sniper.

Tip: Play duos or squads for an easy time getting your two eliminations. Once you knock a player switch to your sniper rifle to land the killing blow.