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Fortnite’s week 3 challenges are live and with it multiple ways to earn more Battle Stars. Below you’ll find 3 challenges that are accessible for free and a further 4 that only Battle Pass owners can partake in.

This week there’s a different treasure map that you’ll have to find in Flush Factory plus a new unique challenge – Shoot five clay pigeons. As always, thrown in amongst the challenges are the frequent elimination tasks.

Read below to find out what this week challenges are and our guide on how to complete them.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 Challenges


Deal damage to opponents in a single match

Deal 500 damage to opponents – How you achieve this is up to you, however, unlike past weeks deal damage challenges, the damage needed must come from a single match. Each game that you fail to get 500 damage the damage score will reset back to 0.
Tip 1: Play the game mode 50 vs 50. Not everybody can pull off 500 damage games (effectively 5 kills.)  Playing a 50v50 match you’ll have a stronger chance to inflict more damage to various enemies.
Tip 2: Following on from tip 1, in 50 vs 50 try and find a grenade launcher or rocket launcher. This way you’ll put out big AOE damage tallying up your total damage to opponents, whilst also strengthening your chance of completing the challenge Explosive Weapon Eliminations.

Use a Launchpad

Once again we’d encourage you to complete this challenge in 50 vs 50 purely because launchpads can be discovered all over the map. All you have to do is use any launchpad once.

Launchpads are an Epic rarity and found in all the typical loot locations – Chest, ground loot, and supply crates.

Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory (HARD)

If you would prefer to see the map placed in Flush Factory, head towards the southwest and locate the shipping container with the map alongside it. Finding the map is not fundamental to achieving the treasure map challenge, you can skip stage 1 altogether and continue promptly to the spot shown below to collect your battle star.

Follow the dirt path alongside the ice cream truck on the mountain north of Fatal Fields to discover the battle star.


Search Chests in Fatal Fields

Locate and search seven chests in Fatal Fields. Just West of the fresh Paradise Palms zone, Fatal Fields will become this weeks hotspot as players seek to complete this challenge. Getting all 7 chests in a single game is not required as the challenge will continue to progress into your next game. So don’t be too discouraged if you get wiped out.

A few chest spawn spots to help you get started:

  • Break through the roof of the main house.
  • Above the entrance of the long stable.
  • Hidden behind hay in the small shacks.

Shoot a Clay Pigeon at different locations

Clay Pigeon Shooting - Week 3 Challenges

The term Clay pigeon often refers to past times when real pigeons were used as target practice, however, we now live in the modern era and just like this old sport, it’s evolved. In the pigeons’ place is now a clay disc for the individuals of the sport to aim at. Hence the name ‘Clay Pigeon’.

Anyway Enough of the history lesson. Fortnite’s week 3 challenges have you traveling around the map playing with minigames brought into the game to celebrate Fortnite’s 1st birthday. In order to execute this challenge, you will need to locate and shoot a clay pigeon in at least 4 different locations. Check out all the locations on the map below

To operate the clay pigeon machine go up to and interact with it, hit the on-screen prompt and standby for the machine to shoot the clay pigeon out. Take aim and shoot your target at 4 different locations.

Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills

Steeper than usual, this weeks elimination challenge requires you to kill 5 opponents as opposed to the last 2 week challenges of 3.  My suggestion would be to jump onto this challenge early as Haunted Hills has become somewhat of a ghost town of late – pun intended. Now would the best time to head there whilst Haunted Hill is crowded with Battle Pass holding opponents.

Explosive weapon eliminations

Eliminate three opponents using explosive weapons.

As briefly discussed above, head into 50 vs 50 to make this challenge easier for you. Or head into Duo or Squads to knock your enemies down with any weapon and then switch to an explosive weapon to finish the kill.

There you have it folks, Fortnite Season 5 week 3 fully broke down for you all. Good luck.