We are now halfway through Fortnite Season 5, it’s been a strange start, to say the least. With all the new landscape modifications that cropped up at the start of season 5, it‘s a wonder how we’ve all adjusted so soon. But Epic games will never let us get overly relaxed and set in our ways. Every week new weapons, vehicles, and challenges change the flow of the game. Which brings us nicely to this week challenges.

Find the location of the treasure map below, further included: Rift locations as well as our golf tea tips. As expected, since Season 5 began, there’re  3 Free challenges and 4 Battle Pass Challenges. Read on to discover our guide for them all.


Search Chests In Junk Junction

Located in the north-west corner of the map, Junk Junction is commonly a safe spot due to being close to the map’s edge. With that in mind, this search chest challenge should be safer than pas challenges (although with everyone wanting chests, it’s bound to be more populated).

The chest spawn in Junk Junction is fairly spaced out, but with the territory being quite small you can quickly canvas the area. Search 7 chest to complete this challenge. Here are a few locations to get you started.

  • The main building in the center can have 2 – Top and Second Floor.
  • Within the green shelves north.
  • On top of the car piles.
  • next to the ice cream truck westside.

Use Rift Portals

Due to the sky literally being ripped open at the end of season 4, Rifts have opened up all over Fortnite’s map.

To use a Rift portal navigate next to one and use the on-screen prompt. The Rift will launch you back into the air above the position you entered the portal. You will once again be capable to handle your glider to relocate to another zone to beat the storm or adapt rapidly in a fight.

Use the map below as a guide to finding all the known rift locations. Use 3 portals to receive your Battle Points.

All Known Rift Locations - Fortnite Battle Royale

As you can see from the locations above Paradise Palms would be a fine place to start.

Eliminate Opponents in a Single Match (Hard)

Killing 3 enemies throughout the week casually is a breeze for anybody, however, eliminating 3 in a single game can prove difficult. If you‘re struggling with this challenge in Solo try joining squads and hope that you have power by numbers. Sneaky tip – Camp in Haunted Hill near the treasure map location to take out unsuspecting foes.


Just like the challenge in week 3 – Explosive weapon eliminations, head into Fortnite’s LTM to complete this challenge. Throughout the chaos, you can get a great number of free shots off in LTMs. Remember this challenge is to deal 300 damage with Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade, you do not have to eliminate them.

Take a look at every weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Hit a Golf Ball from Tee to Green on Different Holes

If it‘s not drummed in yet maybe after this challenge you’ll see that Epic Games really wants you to start using the new toys introduced in season 5. Good news, this time you only have to be in one location, bad news…  it’s in Lazy Links.

This Challenge is for Battle Pass owners only as you will need the golf ball toy. You only need 5 out of 9 Holes

The new area was added at the beginning of Season 5 and the golf course in question contains 9 holes which are completely in the open. Once again our advice, if you‘re serious about this challenge, try a 50vs50 match and once your half of the map contains Lazy Links, it should be safe? But, if the idea of trying to tea up whilst other players shoot, snipe, dance and zoom around using the new ATK vehicle then ignore the previous tip and join the mayhem Fortnite has created.

lazy links golf course - Fortnite week 5 challenge
Lazy Links 9 hole golf course - Hit a Golf Ball from Tee to Green on Different Holes
Fortnite Week 5 challenge Hit a Golf Ball from Tee to Green on Different Holes is at Lazy Links

Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores (HARD)

It’s time to find that Battle Star, hidden once more upon Fortnite‘s map. This week treasure map is located in Snobby Shores. Remember, you don’t have to physically see the map at all. Once you know the location you can head directly to the hidden Battle Star.

North of the main Chapple in Haunted Hills in another smaller building. Land on the highest section of the room to claim the Battle Star.

Eliminate Opponents in Shifty Shafts (HARD)

Kill 3 opponents in Shift Shafts. Being a popular area already player should have no trouble finding opponents to take out. Our best tip for this challenge would be – get used to the layout. Get accustomed to typical loot spawn and chests but most importantly understand each of Shifty’s paths below the mine and above.

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