Someone call Jack Sparrow, another Treasure Map has landed in the battlegrounds. Covering all weekly challenges of season 5, you will be able to find that treasure in no time. Battle Pass and Free Challenges are both included in our guide.

Welcome to week 7 challenges where 4 more Battle Pass challenges and 3 Free challenges have been added. Battle Pass owners will see their week’s challenges take them on a quest to find the lost treasure and seeking out for hidden gnomes all around Fortnites Battleground. Free users will see the beautiful scenes of the Battlegrounds where you must visit named locations.

To help you with all of these challenges, follow our detailed guide below.


Visit Different Named Locations In A Single Match

Get your back-blings ready. In this challenge, you will need to visit four hostile places around Fortnites Battleground without dying. If you die, you will have to start the challenge all over again, so make sure there is enough room in your back-bling for some guns, as you will need them! You are probably familiar with all the locations by now if not you can check the map below for the named locations

Fortnite Season 5 Map

Now we have refreshed our minds, you will need to head to some of these places. Some journeys require a bit of planning before you head off, so make sure you have an idea of what places you want to visit. I would suggest picking locations that are close together but they tend to be more populated and therefore more difficult to get to the named locations. Whatever you decide, you need to be stealthy and quick; you are in the middle of a battleground after all. You can use an ATK golf cart to make travelling faster and help get to the named locations quickly and maybe a little safer as it makes you harder to be shot.

Once you are at one of these named locations, you will need to look for white glowing emblem poles. A flag with your emblem will be visible when you have reached it, showing that you have visited the named location.

Remember, you will need to do this at four different named locations without dying.

Search Supply Drops

By now you would have noticed supply drops around Fortnites battleground, either falling from the sky with a big balloon attached or waiting on the ground for someone to loot. This challenge requires you to search and open 3 of these supply drops. Remember supply drops more frequently near the eye of the storm so you will be able to complete your challenge faster. Supply drops contain valuable loot for all players so keep an eye out for enemies lurking nearby.

SMG Eliminations

This challenge requires SMG (Submachine Gun) type weapons which is your priority. There are several types of SMG to look out for.

To find SMG weapons search in chests, supply drops, vending machines or pick them up from the ground where corpses kindly left their weapon for you.

Make sure you have an SMG type weapon equipped and spray shots at your enemies. Knocking them down is not enough, you need to remove them from the battleground completely by eliminating them. Do this to 3 enemies and you will be rewarded with 10 Battle Stars. You do not have to complete this in one sitting, you only need to total 3 kills so it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete

Battle Pass Challenges

Deal Damage To Opponents Structures With Remote Explosives

Who doesn’t like to mess around with explosives? If causing destruction and mayhem sounds fun to you, then you are going to love this challenge. This is one of the easier challenges for you to complete where you don’t necessarily have to be good at shooting. You will need to have the remote explosives weapon equipped, which can be looted anywhere around the Battlegrounds. Search in chests, supply drops or looted from the ground.  For those who don’t know, this is what you are searching for.

Remote Explosive Rare

You do not necessarily need to place the remote explosives directly on the opponent’s structures as the remote explosive have a radius of 520 units. Anything close to it should be destroyed as soon as you press the trigger. You can place remote explosives strategically near opponents structures or throw them wildly, hoping that you have managed to cause some damage. Accumulate 8000 or more damage will be enough to complete this challenge.

Stage 1: Search A Chest In Pleasant Park

Time to find some chests. Head over to Pleasant Park.[

Once you have positioned yourself in Pleasant Park, search high and low for chests. Check down alleyways, basements or even the attic, chests could be anywhere. If you manage to find a chest, open it to complete stage 1 of this challenge.

Stage 2 requires you to be in Retail Row.

Stage 3: Search A Chest In Lucky Landing

Stage 3 of this challenge you will need to head over to Lucky Landing.

Chests are hidden around Lucky Landing so whip out the magnifying glass and start searching. Opening a chest at this location will complete stage 3 challenge.

Stage 4: Search A Chest In Greasy Grove

You will need to take yourself over to Greasy Grove for Stage 4.

You will need to find, and open 1 chest at Greasy Grove to complete Stage 4 challenge. You can do It!

Stage 5: Search A Chest In Paradise Palms

This is the final stage of the challenge. Go over to Paradise Palms a find and open one chest.

One last time, search high, low and in tight spaces for a chest. Break down ceiling or walls if you hear that special sound. Once you have found a chest, open the chest and stage 5 is completed. Now it’s time to put your feet up and rest in Paradise or go straight to your next challenge.

Follow The Treasure Map Found In Dusty Divot (HARD)

Somewhere hidden in Fortnite Battleground is some lost treasure. You can head over to Dusty Divot to find the treasure map which reveals the location of the Battle Star. You do not have to see the map if you already know the location of the Battle Star.

North-West of Dusty Divot you will see a Moai statue. Head north of the statue and you will see a trio of trees. The Battle Star waiting to be collected in the middle of the 3 trees. Collect the Battle Star to complete this challenge

Eliminate Opponents In Lazy Links (HARD)

You will need to kill 3 opponents in Lazy Links but beware this is a hot zone at the moment. Even though there will be loads of players in this area to pick and choose who you like to kill. The players at Lazy Links will think the same about you. This challenge does not require a particular weapon, so you are free to kill players however and with whatever you want. Try to aim for a weapon you are most comfortable with making this challenge a little easier for you.

Once you have successfully eliminated 3 opponents at Lazy Lake, you will have complete the final challenge of week 7.

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