Fortnite Season 5 Worlds collide: Wrap Up

A glimpse back at everything Fortnite Season 5 has delivered us.

So much took place in this season of Fortnite, It’s been an incredible season filled to the brim of action, excitement, and passion. Players felt they had everything that they could ever want and then Epic Games provided us even more. With new locations and items, it’s natural to lose track and overlook important changes. So let’s glance back through season 5 and see why Fortnite is the number one Battle Royale game in the world!

Fortnite Season 5 Wrap up – Everything that’s happened this season

Fortnite Season 5 kicked off with a bang in July and right off the bat we detected many map changes had transpired

Fortnite Season 5 New Maps

Moisty Mire had dried up to become the desert biome Paradise Palms, consisting of a wealth of valuable loot and fresh spots to discover. The desert contains houses and shops that immediately became an easy deathtrap for many players

Dusty Depot has a rich history within Fortnite, starting out as three unappealing buildings that offered little to the map. After being consumed by the meteorite it then established the new name Dusty Divot. This area became home to a wide dusty creator with multiple futuristic building in the center and hop rocks aplenty. Season 5, however, gave Dusty Divot another facelift. Dusty Divot had transformed from a disaster zone to a flourishing forest with museums telling the story about the meteor that struck the town. A new diner Suitably called Dusty Diner also showed up. Unfortunately, no more hop rocks!

Another new area Lazy Links had replaced Anarchy Acres. Lazy Links is a beautiful country club packed with a tennis court, swimming pool, and a golf course. Throughout Fortnite Season 5 there have been many reasons to venture to this luxurious location.

Speaking of Beautiful areas, the new Viking Village Southeast of Snobby is mesmerizing, containing plenty of little homes and a huge Viking ship hanging over a spectacular waterfall. The Viking Village marks the first snow area to feature in Fortnite Battle Royale. Most remarkable is the finishing touches that make this new location so beautiful for example the flag design on the ship being Sleipnir, Odin’s 8 legged horse was a nice compliment to Viking history. Could this be a new pet in season 6?

Location and items influenced by the Rifts in the sky.

  • Tomato town being replaced by Tomato Temple inspiring the new Tomato skin.
  • Durr Burger can be found on a mountain near Pleasant Park
  • NOMS sign behind Risky Reels
  • Moai heads scattered all over Fortnite’s map. Most likely representations of the heads found on Easter Island.

What caused most of these changes?

At the end of Season 5 due to the rocket launch, giant cracks emerged in the sky causing rifts to open. Throughout season 5 these rifts have been interfering with the Fortnite world and once the cracks appeared to close, lightning strikes followed.

The rifts in the sky ended with one powerful and final Lightning bolt. Once the lightning stopped it left behind a visitor… The Cube. The giant purple Cube named by the community as Kevin was cemented with cryptic symbols, bouncy when jumped on and also deadly if you attacked it.


Kevin’s mysteries didn‘t cease there as it started moving, dropping burning rune imprints on the map and creating gravity zones. Players and objects that impeded Kevin’s movements got crushed! The building in Tilted Towers that had only just been restored into a thrift store received the Cubes power as it partially crushed the new store. Finally, Kevin headed to Loot Lake and seemingly melted into the water producing a giant purple lake that players can bounce on.

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

Filled with even more great cosmetics than the previous season, here are all the memorable notes that featured in this season’s Battle Pass.

Fortnite‘s Battle Pass cost 950 V-Bucks like normal and straight away we obtained two automatic skins Huntress and Drift that like the Carbide skin in season 4 had multiple unlockable tiers.

Toys introduced. Players this season enjoyed the map changes in more ways than one. New basketball hoops and golf course meant that players could utilize the new toys to play mini-games inside a Battle Royale game mode.

Ragnarok was this season ultimate skin that could be unlocked only once you had reached tier 100. With many unlockable styles, Ragnarok gave fans a reason to grind up their Battle Tier level.

The new Items introduced during Fortnite Season 5

ATK Vehicle

Get trick points in a shopping cart or ATK guide

Short for All Terrain Kart the ATK vehicle was introduced at the start of season 5. Essentially a golf buggy, which features a drift mode to build up a speed boost with a roof acting as a bounce pad. The ATK vehicle can hold up to four players.


This Epic Item was introduced in patch 5.30 and allows players to create rifts instantly. The rifts will stay open for 10 seconds so not will you be able to pass through, so will others… Beware!

Rift-To-Go Fortnite season 5 item
Rift-To-Go Fortnite season 5 item

Shockwave Grenade

Shockwave Fortnite

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Dropping in stacks of 2 the Shockwave Grenade knocks anything in its path back, destroying objects and structures in its path. You’ll take no fall damage if hit by the epic Shockwave Grenade.


Grappler Epic
Grappler Epic

The Grappler is a fun little device, firing the weapon at nearby objects will attach a suction cup to it and pull you towards the object. The Grappler has 15 charges and comes in Epic Rarity.



Found only in legendary form, the Port-A-Fortress is the newest item to be released in Fortnite season 5. The upgrade to the Port-A-Fort builds instantly and includes bouncers all over.

Season 5 Brand New LTM‘s

Fly Explosives (Patch v5.10)

  • Only explosive weapons can be found plus the part-time vaulted item Jetpack.
  • Storm closes in faster due to the limited variety of loot.
  • Rockets ammo capped to 120
  • Jetpacks have increased fuel regeneration rate

Steady Storm (Patch v5.20)

  • One continuous storm that takes 15 minutes to fully swallow the map.
  • Storm does 10 damage each second
  • Short matches

Soaring 50’s (Patch v5.21)

  • Based on the LTM 50v50
  • Once your character reaches above 10m you can deploy your glider
  • Loot the same as 50v50
  • Impulse grenade increased the spawn rate
  • Increased Launchpads

Score Royale (Patch v5.30)

  • The player with the most points wins
  • Collect coins by opening loot and eliminating players
  • The first player to bypass the high score threshold wins
  • Early storm moves slower
  • The late game storm is faster

50v50 Solid Gold (Patch v5.30)

  • Red team vs Blue team each with 50 players
  • Supply drops fall every 2 minutes
  • All drops are legendary
  • More farming resources

The Getaway (Patch v5.40)

  • Find or Steal Jeweled Llamas and take it to one of the vans
  • Find the jewels from safes that drop into the map.
  • You will become visible to all players once you obtain a jewel for the first 30 seconds.
  • Speed will drop by 10%
  • Gain shield and health whilst carrying a Jeweled Llama
  • No rifts on the map

Soring Solos (Patch v5.41)

  • The same Battle Royale we all know and love
  • At heights of 10m, you can deploy your glider

Now that season 5 has finished, looking back we can see what an impressive season it‘s truly been. That has transcended into the player count for Fortnite Battle Royale as recent reports have stated that in August alone the player count reached nearly 80million, its highest ever! Thanks to the teasers we’ve had over the last 3 days excitement for season 6 is at an all-time high. Rumors have been surfacing ever since the cube showed up. From Loot Lake exploding into a volcano to season 6 pets. We still don’t know what‘s fully in store for season 6, what we do know is that we‘re very excited to see what Epic Games can come up with to keep us hooked to this glorious game.


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