Last night renowned Fortnite Dataminer @siloxleaks released footage of exploits currently in Fortnite Battle Royale. Whilst they performed all these exploits in the Playground mode he maintains that the exploits can and will work in the legitimate Battle Royale game mode.

Instant Chest opening

First Silox delivers a video of chest opening with no channel time. Silox then tweeted the following.

“Oh boy, you guys haven’t seen how bad this is, wanna see hunting rifle and double barrel with no reload time?”

This prompted his next video which illustrates the exploit in its entirety.

Credits @Sioxleaks

Fortnite has been tormented with bugs since the launch of their season 6 with items like the shadow stone being disabled on day one. This will only add to the nervous start to the new season. Once Fortnite learns of this exploit it won’t be long before they issue a patch if not introduced in the next patch notes

Patch 6.1 should‘ve been released this morning however it seems as if Epic Games have delayed the patch with no reason or time frame given.