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Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges: Unlock Special Battle Pass Skin Variants

Season 8 Overtime Challenges have Leaked online including rewards.

Fortnite Season 8’s end is drawing ever so closer, which means there is a limited amount of time to unlock everything the Season 8 Battle Pass has to offer. As a further incentive, Epic Games will be releasing a set of Overtime Challenges for you to be able to unlock exclusive skin variants.

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There are three different skin variants to unlock according to leakers. These skins are for the Tier 23 Skin Sidewinder, The Tier 71 Ember Skin and lastly the Tier 99 Skin Master Key (Masked). The Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges will be comprised of ten tasks ranging in difficulty.

Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges

  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 23
  • Complete Free Overtime Challenges
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 71
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 87
  • Collect Coins in featured Creative Islands
  • Place top 10 in Squads with a friend
  • Deal damage to opponents
  • Place top 15 in Duos with a friend
  • Outlast Opponents
  • Place top 25 in Solo

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass Skin Variants.


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