After weeks of speculations and three days of teasers, Fortnite Season 9 has arrived.

The volcano has erupted, causing Jonesy and Peely to seek shelter. Thankfully they discover the perfect spot that’s large, high tech and most of all safe. Unfortunately, their newfound haven lacked food supplies. With the doors locked shut, years pass by until Sentinel finds and rough looking Bunker Jonesy barley alive. Peely, however, didn’t fare so well. Stepping out into the world for the first time in years, Bunker Jonesy can’t believe how much has changed!

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As always there is a new Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 9 featuring new skin, pets, challenges and more. Upon purchasing the Season 9 Battle Pass you’ll instantly unlock two skins Sentinel and Rox. Grabbing the season 9 Battle Bundle will grant you the Bunker Jonesy skill as well. The tier 100 skin this season is a progressive skin named Vendetta! The Battle Pass is available for 950 V-Bucks.

Completely new to the Fortnite Battle Pass is Fortbyte. Use clues to find hidden pickups that will grant rewards and unlocks secrets throughout Season 9.

There have been many changes made in Fortnite Season 9 including major map changes to Tilted Towers which now goes by the name of Neo Tilted, Retail Row now known as Mega Mall and the Volcano changed to Pressure Plant. The new maps changes don’t stop there, jump into Fortnite’s creative mode and play around with all the new prefabs introduced in Fortnite Season 9. There is, in addition, a Creature Manager mode where players can customize many various creatures.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fortnite Season 9 Including full Battle Pass unlockables, map changes, and Fortnite Season 9 Leaks.