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Fortnite Skull Trooper Challenges. How to unlock Fortnite Ghost Portal? 

Skull Trooper is back accompanied with new cosmetics and challenges.

Fortnite Skull Trooper has returned to the item shop. The vintage skin did not, however, return on his own. Coming with the Skull Trooper skin is the Skull Ranger skin and their cosmetics – Axe, Glider and Ghost Portal Backbling.

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Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger are in the item shop right now 10/10/2018 and will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks for the Skull Trooper and 1,200 V-Bucks for the Skull Ranger. The Axe Skull Sickle will set you back 1,200 and Glider Crypt Cruiser also 1,200.

How do you unlock Fortnite Ghost Portal Backbling?

The Ghost Portal Backling can only be obtained once you have completed a set of Skull Trooper Challenges. Check out the required challenges below.

  • Complete 7 daily challenges
  • Play 50 matches
  • Play 14 matches with at least one elimination
  • Search 10 chests in a single match
  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents in a single match

Once you have completed these tasks, you’ll unlock the Ghost Portal which has two customized color options Green or Blue

If you previously owned Skull Trooper (the purple variant) you’ll also receive a purple color option Ghost Portal.


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