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Fortnite Spawn Island and Playground Mode Have Been Revamped for Season 8

Left untouched for Seven seasons the Spawn Island receives a major overhaul. Fortnite Playground Mode equally receives some drastic changes

Fortnite is beginning to feel like a new game after significant changes have been made to the Battlegrounds in Season 8. After seven seasons with only a few updates here and there, Spawn Island gets a radical redesign to deliver a fresh new look. Furthermore, the hugely popular Playground mode also receives changes with a new look and starting zone. There is no more battle bus and you are not alone.

Spawn Island Update

Spawn Island is now unrecognisable as the new spawn location is filled with loads of trees, hangers for retired battle buses, stone architects and more. Developing a sense of feeling you are on a tropical island and matching the Island aesthetics with the use of Palm Trees dotted around on both islands.

The battle bus now has its very own runway, that divides Spawn Island right down the middle. Allowing for easy take-offs and landings as it drops it’s passengers off into Fortnite Battlegrounds.

One doesn’t mind waiting for the game to begin with beautiful scenery and means to adventure off.

Playground Mode New Design

Fortnite has transformed how the Playground mode starts by providing its own Spawn location. Before season 8, players are spawned on Spawn Island (old version) and enter Fortnite Battleground as per usual. Users were then free to accomplish whatever they wish to achieve, concentrating on building, scoping out areas, etc. without any interruption.

Once you start, you will now be transported to a new location that resembles temples. If you have visited Sunny Step, you will notice the designs are the same designs here.

To enter the battleground you do not take the Battle Bus, as it now a monument of the temple.

Fortnite Season 8 Playground Mode New Design 1
Playground Mode – Fortnite | Epic Games

There are portals scattered around in small vicinity, taking you to featured creative islands or taking you to certain locations within Fortnite Battlegrounds. Making it quicker and efficient to scope areas and get where you want to be.

Once you enter through one of the portals that transports you into Fortnite Battlegrounds, you will soon realise you are not alone. At the spawn location and on the battlegrounds there will be other players. You can shoot and eliminate these players once you have used the portal, which means they can eliminate you too. Some may be frustrated by this, but it was probably implemented to help reduce and optimise bandwidth.

Fortnite Season 8 Playground Mode New Design 8
Playground Mode – Fortnite | Epic Games


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