Fortnite has had a rough start for season 6 with bugs that have seen items being disabled then enabled and disabled again. There are reports of glitches where people have spotted the floating island in a different location other than Loot Lake. But there is at least some positive news, with the release of a cryptic message on Twitter by Fortnite. This has got the fans excited and conversing on the social network of what the message might entail.

Here is the cryptic message that Fortnite released on their twitter page.

Epic-Games-Fortnite Teaser Floating Island

Darkness Rises… Are you prepared?


The image appears that there will be a floating island in another location other than Loot Lake or that the floating island will move around Fortnites’ Battlegrounds.

This could be in relation to the glitch of where users have reported seeing the floating island in a different location and could be one of many bugs Fortnite have encountered in season 6.

Did the bug expose the floating island location too early?

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Bugs So Far

Connection Issues

Part of Fortnite season 6 big reveal was that had successfully updated their servers to handle cross-platform access across every console and PC. It doesn’t matter what device you play Fortnite on; you are able to play with or against players playing Fortnite on another device.

However, Xbox users had experienced trouble connecting to the game but Fortnite responded quickly and was able to resolve the issues a few hours later after the problem was first reported.


There was a minor issues where users were paying for V-Bucks but were not receiving them so Fortnite issued a report that explain users who had issues to contact their support team.

Animation Problems

Fortnite quickly disabled animations after being left embarrassed when a streamer reported they saw animated boobs with one of the new skins that were released at the start of season 6. You could see this when you chose the Calamity skin whilst using the emote Jubilation.

Whilst the animation was disabled there were various glitches appeared throughout the game, which wore foretold until the patch was released.

Disabled items

No sooner Fortnite disabled the animations, other items in the games started to break or have some weird bug.

Just as Fortnite was about to push an update resolving the animation issues, they had to quickly remove the Shadow Stones due to an in-game bug. Only what felt like minutes later, users experienced low-quality performance due to the new item Port-A-Fortress, so Epic Games disabled them as well.

“We have temporarily removed the Port-a-Fortress to address degraded performance.”


Good news followed later when Fortnite announced that they reintroduced the Shadow Stones back in the game. However, due to more problem with the shadow stones, they have been and remained disabled.