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Fortnite: The Cube Fused With Loot Lake 

Is This The Cube Final Resting Place?

Moments ago the cube moved for the final time. As predicted Loot Lake was to be the cubes final resting place. Causing mayhem and mystery since its arrival the cube had very recently moved its way through Fortnite most populated location Tilted Towers crushing a large building in the process.

Just like season 4 rocket launch this all happened live to anyone currently playing a game mode.

Cube on Loot Lake edge- Fortnite

As the cube approached Loot Lake it remained right against the edge as you can see above, teasingly close to dropping in. But it would be a whole 27 minutes before the cube had its final roll.

The moment the cube rolled into the waters of Loot Lake, it immediately started to have a reaction. Loud noises could be heard as the cube appeared to melt – Terminator style

Cube starts to fall into the water fortnite

The cube disintegrated and spread gradually across the entire Loot Lake smothering it in the deep pink body of the cubes make-up. Runes symbols can be visibly seen across the entire Lake. Once the cube had thoroughly integrated with the Water, there was a small eruption to signal the uniting of the lake and the cube.

Loot Lake has now been taken over by the cube. Trying to stride across the now pink/purple waters you will be met with the same effect as if you sought to touch the cube. You’ll start continuously bouncing off its surface like one big bouncy castle. From initial testing, you do not take any fall damage from bouncing off the lake.

It appears the cube has found its final resting place, however; we are sure this is not the end result and that more will come from the cube and Loot Lake in the future.

We’ll update this article the moment more new comes in.


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