Keep an eye out for hot spots that are marked at named locations that contain a supply of high-grade weapons. Plus, Three Limited Time Mode will in rotation, find out what they are below

The anticipated patch v9.10 has arrived in Fortnite, the first major update of season 9. However, you may be a tad disappointed as a closer look at the patch notes, you may mistake it for a content update.

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Hot Spots are the only new feature in Battle Royale along with the patch usual list of bug fixes and rotating LTM’s. Players can now see their favourite weapons that have been vaulted return in Unvaulted Squads LTM.

The Creative section of update introduces Haunted Hills prefabs and gallery sets. Plus, last nights teased Fortnite X Jordan content which is now revealed as Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan.

Hot Spots

Hot Spots will add an extra supply of high-grade weapons at random hot spot locations. Every match several named location will randomly be selected and will contain hot spots. All matches will contain a minimum of one Hot Spot location with a 25% chance the game will have 2 Hot Spot locations. If you are lucky or unlucky depending on how you view things, there is a 5% chance that three locations will have Hot spot areas.

You can easily locate the Hot Spots as each hot spot named location will be marked in gold text on the map.

These Hot Spot areas represent the presences of loot carriers. Between 12-16 Loot Carriers will be present depending on the size of the Hot Spot location. Shoot them down to secure your supply of weapons. Only rare or high-quality weapons will be spawn from the Loot Carriers along with two stacks of ammo.

Fortnite Patch v9.10 LTM Rotations

Three LTM will be rotating until Fortnite next update, Sniper Shootout Duos, Unvaulted Squads and Close Encounter Squads.

Sniper Shootout Duos LTM

Sniper Shootout returns where the LTM will only supply players with rifles. Camp and make your aim true to become victorious.

Remember downed players are instantly eliminated!

Unvaulted Squads LTM

Players who have missed their favourite guns due to the weapon being vaulted can now enjoy using them again. Unvaulted Squads LTM will only spawn vaulted items and weapons only.

Close Encounters Squads LTM

If you love Jetpacks and Shotguns then this LTM is for you. Show off your close combat skills as only Shotguns and Jetpacks are available.