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Throughout Fortnite‘s first year dominating the Battle Royale scene, we’ve seen countless items come and go. This can be due to the item only being used for event purposes or used in LTM, however, in some cases, weapons are removed from the game and placed into the Fortnite Weapon Vault purely because they‘re straight up broken. Here are all the Vaulted weapons and the reasons.

Look here for the detailed list of Weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale.


Fortnite Vaulted Weapon Crossbow

Vaulted: May 1, 2018

The Crossbow could be found in both Epic and Legendary variants. Crossbows entered the Vault in patch 4.0 and now only makes appearances in Playground LTM on occasions.

Why was the Crossbow removed?

The Crossbow sat in a strange spot in comparison to the other weapons at the time. You would use the Crossbow like a Sniper. If you landed a headshot, it would deal nice damage but elsewhere on the body, the weapon is next to worthless

The item got removed due to its inconsistencies and low use rate. Many players would leave the Crossbow where they found it.

Drum Gun

Fortnite Vaulted Weapon Drum Gun

Vaulted: Sept. 11, 2018

Added in patch 4.5 content update. The Drum Gun was your typical Tommy gun. Unfortunately, the weapon did not last very long in Fortnite with the item being vaulted 2 months later.

Why was the Drum Gun removed?

The Drum Gun was an incredibly versatile weapon that held too much power. The weapon is far too successful at unleashing damage safely.


Revolver Common

Vaulted: Sept. 6, 2018

The Revolver is the most recent item to be removed from the game. Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare rarities the Revolver was a slow shooting, mediocre damage weapon. Removed as part of Fortnite 5.4 content update. 

Why was the Revolver removed?

In Fortnite 5.4 content update Epic Games goal attempted to make the current weapons more clear and easier for new players to understand a certain weapons strength. Due to this, they removed Revolvers from the game. Put directly, Revolvers had no use and limited play rate.

Submachine Gun (old) and Tactical Submachine Gun

First Vaulted: Feb. 12, 2018

Why was the submachine gun/ tactical submachine gun removed? 

There’s not much to go over here. Although the Submachine Gun was vaulted it was done so in favor of the Tactical Submachine Gun. Which then went full circle and was replaced by the current Submachine Guns that are accessible today.

Wall Dynamo

Wall Dynamo Trap - Vaulted

This Epic trap can be placed on the ground and will electrocute anyone in its range.

Why was Wall Dynamo removed?

Wall Dynamo was removed from Battle Royale as Epic Games believed the trap didn’t fit the Battle Royale game mode. With the traps large appearance, it was too obvious and easy to play around. As such Wall Dynamo was sent to the vault. However, Epic Games still believed traps could work in the Battle Royale format and so they introduced damage traps.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade Vaulted As item was rarely used

Vaulted: April 11, 2018

Smoke Grenade functioned very much the same as the stink bomb (No doubt that’s where the idea sprung from.) You can launch the Smoke Grenade to create a smoke cloud limiting vision in the selected area.

Why was Smoke Grenade added to the Vault?

Lack of use, to be direct. Players rarely felt the need to use the Smoke Grenade as not only does it impair the enemies vision but also the users. Which in the midst of a fight was not overly used.


Fortnite Vaulted Weapon Zapotron

Vaulted: Sept. 29, 2017

Why was Zapotrons removed from Fortnite?

Arguably Epic Games’ biggest mistake. Zapotrons is a High Tech Sniper Rifle that could be charged up to fire a single powerful shot that does extreme damage and can pierce through multiple enemies. The weapon that was only available through supply drops is still obtainable in the Save the world game mode.

If the explanation above didn’t make it obvious this weapon was insanely strong and problematic. Epic Games swooped in quickly to remove the item and delivered it straight into the weapon vault.

Impulse Grenade

Impulse Grenade Rare Fortnite Weapon

Vaulted: Sept. 27, 2018

Why did the Impulse Grenade get vaulted?

As part of Patch 6.0 the Impulse Grenade, as well as a few other items, were removed from the start of season 6. The reason most likely comes down to two factors.

  • Griefing Teammates
  • Shockwave adopting and improving on the impulse traits.

Suppressed Submachine Gun

Suppressed Submachine Gun Fortnite Vaulted Weapon

Vaulted: Sept. 27, 2018

Why did the Suppressed Submachine Gun get vaulted?

Epic Games aim is to have all weapons in the game consistent, with multiple SMG options as well as the new Suppressed Assault Rifle, there was no longer a reason for this weapon.

Light Machine Gun

Light Machine Gun Epic Fortnite Weapon Vaulted

Vaulted: Sept. 27, 2018

Why did the Light Machine Gun get vaulted?

It’s currently not known the full reason behind the LMT removal at the start of season 6.

Bouncer Trap

Bouncer Trap Rare Fortnite Weapons Vaulted

Vaulted: Sept. 27, 2018

Why did the Bouncer Trap get vaulted?

The Bouncer Trap being vaulted in season 6 has not gone down well with fans, many incorporated the bouncer trap as a key element to some of their plays. However, as part of the season 6 weapon clearout, Bouncer Trap was removed.

Remote Explosives

Remote Explosive Fortnite Epic Weapon

Vaulted: Sept. 27, 2018

Why did the Remote Explosives get vaulted?

The Remote Explosives were removed at the star of Fortnite season 6 due to low play rate and inconsistencies.


Port-a-Fort Vaulted Weapon
Port-a-Fort Vaulted -Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Why did the Port-a-Fort get vaulted?

The Port-a-fort at first seemed like a great idea on paper, however, in actual play taking up an item slot was not worth the trade-offs. Players can build their own defensive structures without the need of wasting precious item space. This combined with the frequent performance issues the Port-a-Fort caused forced Epic Games to Vault the item.

Quad Launcher

Quad Launcher Vaulted Weapon
Quad Launcher Vaulted – Fortnite – Epic Games

Vaulted: January 22, 2019

Why did the Quad Launcher get vaulted?

Not the most hated item within the Fortnite Weapon Vault, yet the Quad Launcher is very much deserving of it’s place in the vault of shame. Players overtime grew tired of the quad burst rocket launcher and it seems Epic Games agreed with them.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Vaulted Weapon
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: November 1, 2018

Why did the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle get vaulted?

Vaulted due to other similar items preforming better. Players would often pick the hunting rifle or bolt action sniper over the Semi-Auto Sniper in almost all occasions.

Shockwave Grenade

Shockwave Grenade Vaulted Weapon
Shockwave Grenade Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Why did the Shockwave Grenade get vaulted?

Personally I loved the Shockwave grenade, however, the very reason I loved this item is the exact reason as to why they were vaulted. The item was used as more of a troll against your teammates and not really used for anything else.

Six Shooter

Six Shooter Vaulted Weapon
Six Shooter Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 8, 2019

Why did the Six Shooter get vaulted?

Introduced into the game during the Fortnitemares event, the Six Shooter weapon was thought to be vaulted once the event ended. Yet the weapon hung around for a few months after to feel the lack of pistols in the game. The weapon eventually made it’s way in the Fortnite Weapon Vault, being swapped out in favour of the dual pistols return.

Submachine Guns

Submachine Gun Vaulted Weapon
Submachine Gun Vaulted – Fortnite -Epic Games

Vaulted: January 29, 2019

Why did the Submachine Gun get vaulted?

Submachine guns can’t seem to catch a break, with all forms now vaulted. Popular with players thanks to their high burst rate and ease of use in close combat. Will we see Epic Games rework another form of submachine gun in the future?

Bolt Action Sniper

Bolt Action Sniper Vaulted Weapon
Bolt Action Sniper Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 29, 2019

Why did the Bolt Action Sniper get vaulted?

Like me, many fans were shocked when this weapon hit the dreaded Fortnite Weapon Vault. With one of the highest play rate of not only snipers by every weapon in the game, we are still unsure as to why Epic Games took the Bolt Action Sniper away.

Boom Box

Boom Box Vaulted Weapon
Boom Box Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: February 5, 2019

Why did the Boom Box get vaulted?

Boom Box is a creative item that unfortunately did not click with players. Vaulted in the v7.30 Patch update, fans of the Boom Box will now have to turn to the Bottle Rockets for their creative kicks.

Burst Assault Rifle

Burst Assault Riffle Vaulted Weapon
Burst Assault Riffle Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 8, 2019

Why did the Burst Assault Rifle get vaulted?

Another shock weapon Vaulted this year has been the Burst Assault Riffle. Common through to Rare all made their way to the Fortnite Weapon Vault leaving the Epic and Legendary burst as the only options remaining.

Burst Assault Rifle

Burst Assault Rifle Vaulted Weapon
Burst Assault Rifle Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 29, 2019

Why did the Burst Assault Rifle get vaulted?

Shortly after seeing the common, Uncommon and Rare variants of the Burst Assault Rifle being Vaulted, the Famas styled variants joined them. There’s many that will miss this weapon, however, you can still find the weapon in Playground and Creative modes.

Chiller Trap

Chiller Trap Vaulted Weapon
Chiller Trap Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Why did the Chiller Trap get vaulted?

Put simply the Chiller had no place in the Fortnite Battle Royale gamemode. Finding very limited success, players could not find a useful reason to use the trap a so it entered the Fortnite Weapon Vault.


Clinger Vaulted weapon
Clinger Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 6, 2018 – Unvaulted February 14, 2019

Why did the Clinger get vaulted?

The Clinger is very effective at close range and even more impressive at destroying opponents structures. This did however, cause lag for many players and so Epic Games briefly vaulted the item.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun Vaulted Weapon
Double Barrel Shotgun Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 6, 2018

Why did the Double Barrel Shotgun get vaulted?

What a volatile weapon this was huh? Epic Games attempted to balance the weapon on multiple occasions with no prevail. The final solution was to slightly buff the pump shotgun and place the Double Barrel Shotgun into the Fortnite Vault.


Grappler Vaulted Weapon
Grappler Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 22, 2019

Why did the Grappler get vaulted?

It’s such a shame the Grappler had to find its way into the weapon vault. The widely used item provided plenty of mobility and functionality that no other item has come close to fulfilling.

Guided Missile

Guided Missile Vaulted Weapon
Guided Missile Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: November 1, 2018

Why did the Guided Missile get vaulted?

Once again the Guided Missile makes its way into the vault of shame. Originally the weapon was too powerful which forced Epic Games to vault the weapon. Even after the item was reworked and returned from the vault’s pit. The Guided Missile was too powerful, often broke games and so it found its way back in the Vault.

Heavy Shotgun

Heavy Shotgun Vaulted Weapon
Heavy Shotgun Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 29, 2019

Why did the Heavy Shotgun get vaulted?

Shotguns have constantly been worked on thanks to their popularity. From Double Pump nerfs, bug fixes and multiple other changes it can be hard to keep up. The heavy shotgun is not excluded from the list and in the end Epic Games decided it was best to limit the shotgun pool and shoved the Heavy Shotgun into the Weapon Vault.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade Vaulted Weapon
Infinity Blade Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: December 14, 2018

Why did the Infinity Blade get vaulted?

Finally a weapon that can rival the Zapotrons. The Infinity Blade was poorly received by players, with the weapon being insanely strong. Lasting a miserable three days before Epic Games took swift action and buried the Infinity Blade at the bottom of the Fortnite Weapon Vault.


Port-a-Fortress Vaulted Weapon
Port-a-Fortress Vaulted – Fortnite | Epic Games

Vaulted: January 22, 2019

Why did the Port-a-Fortress get vaulted?

The paring to the Port-a-Fort also made its way into the Weapon Vault and for the same reasons. The item was underused and cause server lag on multiple occasions which led to the Port-a-Fortress being disabled a few times.

Over the past year, there have been some weapon name changes that have occurred. Most of these changes were made for better clarity. Here is a list.

  • Semi-Auto Rifle – Renamed to Burst Assault Rifle
  • Semi-Auto Handgun – Renamed to Pistol
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun – Renamed to Tactical Shotgun

If you identify of any more please leave a comment below and we’ll update this list.

Just because a weapon has entered the vault, doesn’t mean we won‘t see it again. Sometimes the weapon will come back in specific LTM game modes or Epic Games will re-balance / rework them to deliver at a later stage.

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