Fortnite Week 2 Complete Challenges Guide.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ortnite season 4 is well underway as always a new week brings new challenges for you to dive into. These challenges will grant you XP for your season 4 Battle Pass as well as Battle Stars that’ll help you unlock various cosmetics within the game. Some of these challenges, as usual, are self-explanatory, however, some can be quite tricky and so l2pbomb have put together a complete step by step breakdown to help you fully complete all week 2 challenges.

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Search Chest in Greasy Grove

Head over to Greasy Grove, located south-west corner of the map find and locate the chest and open them. (pressing the on-screen button prompt when near a chest). Don’t forget, the spawn of the chest are random and may take a few trips to Greasy Grove as you will need to collect 7 chests

Consume Hop Rocks

Hop Rocks are purple-ish rocks that are scattered around Fortnite’s map, they are typically found near craters. Dusty Divot is the biggest crater and therefore more Hop Rocks are spawned here. Head towards Dusty Divot located roughly center of the map. Consume one of these Hop Rocks by pressing the on-screen button prompt when you are close enough. Do this to 7 Hop Rocks to complete the mission. Beware of other players as this will be a hot zone. Happy Jumping!

Deal Damage with Suppressed Weapons To Opponents


Similar with (Deal Damage With Sniper Rifles To Opponents Week 1 mission) find and locate weapons that have a suppressor attached to them. You can locate these types of weapons; from loot on the ground, supply drops or chests. You will need to accumulate 500 or more damage to players with the suppressed weapon equipped. Checkout out the weapons lists here to see more information on types of guns that can be looted with a suppressor attached to them.

Dance In Front Of Different Film Cameras

Check out the map to see the location of 7 film cameras you need to dance in front of. To dance press b and select your best dance move.

Here is a list of all the different film cameras to dance to.

Junk Junction
You’ll find the camera inside the new film studio over by the sitcom set.

Risky Reels
There’s a building on the edge of the crater. Go through a metal door on the ground floor and head towards a green screen room. You’ll find the camera in there.

Haunted Hills
Head towards the church and behind the alter you’ll see what looks like a setup for a horror film. You can’t miss the camera.

South of Lonely Lodge
Just head for the race track. The camera is pointed at the shopping cart races on the stating position.

Greasy Grove
Head towards the dilapidated building just west of Greasy Grove

Moisty Mire
You have to go to the very south-east of the map and look for what looks like the action movie set with the crashed helicopter. The camera is on the ramp directly opposite.

Indoor Soccer (football) Field
This building is halfway between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores. It’s only a small, unnamed location on the map. The camera will be inside pointed directly at the field.

Shifty Shafts
There’s a couple of houses near the mines. The one you need is grey and has a green screen in the basement. There’s where you’ll find the camera.

Metal Bridge
Towards the southeast of the map is the massive Metal Bridge. It’s pretty hard to miss.

Search Between A Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod And A Big Screen (HARD)

All three of these places are located at Risky Reels. Head towards Risky Reels and keep an eye out, as these places are not in Risky Reel town itself but are near-by Risky Reels.

Explosive Weapons Eliminations (HARD)


Find and locate an explosive weapon  (C4, Grenades) from loot on the ground, supply drops or chests. With the explosive weapons equipped kill 3 players.

Eliminate Opponents In Tomato Town (HARD)

Kill 3 opponents in Tomato Town which is located slightly north of the center of the map.