Fortnite Week 7 Complete Challenges Guide.

Our Fortnite: Week 7 Challenges guide including – Spray Over Different Carbide Or Omega Posters, Search Between A PlayGround, Campsite, and a Footprint and Search Supply Drops.

Week 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale season 4 has arrived and with a new week brings new challenges for you to complete. These challenges will grant you XP for your season 4 Battle Pass as well as Battle Stars that’ll help you unlock various cosmetics within the game. For those of you, that may not be as diverse in the world of Fortnite may need help with specific challenges like map locations or clearer explanations of certain tasks, then l2pbomb has you covered. Below you’ll find our complete guide to all Fortnite week 7 challenges.

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Deal Damage With A Pickaxe To Opponents

As you already have a pickaxe you don’t have to go hunting around for a specific weapon. You will need to accumulate 250 or more damage to players with the pickaxe equipped. Tip: Knock an opponent down with your gun, then eliminate them with your pickaxe to accumulate the damage. You will have to do this 3 times, or just go h.a.m and thrash around the pickaxe like a madman.

Search Chests In Risky Reels

Risky Reels is located northeast of the map. Find and locate the chest and open them (pressing the on-screen button prompt when near a chest when near a chest). Chest Spawns are random and may take a few trips to Risky Reels as you will need to open 7 chests.

Consume Hop Rocks, Apples Or Mushrooms

We have already covered the Hop Rocks in a previous mission. Apples and mushrooms are found near tree laying on the ground.


Places which have a large cluster of trees will have more chance of finding apples and mushrooms, so i would try Wailing Woods or Moisty Mire. Go up to the mushroom or apples and press the on-screen prompt button to consume. You need to consume 20 items in any combination of the three.

Score A Goal On Different Pitches.

There are several soccer pitches located around Fortnite but you only need to go to 5 of them. Here is the location of the soccer pitches.

Follow The Treasure Map Found In Pleasant Park (HARD)

You can view the map found in Pleasant Park to find the location of the treasure. From the map, you can identify the building as Tilted Towers with an X position just outside the boundary.


Head towards this position and you will find the treasure on top of the hill. Collect it to complete this mission.

Assault Rifle Eliminations (HARD)

Find and locate any type of assault rifle weapon around the map; from loot on the ground, supply drops or chests. With the assault rifle weapon equipped, kill 5 players to complete this challenge. Check out our Assualt Rifle weapon list here.

Eliminate Opponents In Shifty Shafts (HARD)

Another hot zone as every player will also be completing this mission, so get the weapons before they do. Shifty Shafts is located south-west from the center of the map. Kill three players in Shift Shafts to complete Fortnite’s last mission of week 7.