Fortnite Week 8 Complete Challenges Guide.

Our Fortnite: Week 8 Challenges guide including – Search Hungry Gnomes, Search Between A Bear, Crater, And A Refrigerator Shipment and Deal Headshot Damage To Opponents.

Week 8 of Fortnite Battle Royale season 4 is upon us with new challenges for you to complete. These challenges will grant you XP for your season 4 Battle Pass as well as Battle Stars that’ll help you unlock various cosmetics within the game. For those of you, that may not be as diverse in the world of Fortnite may need help with specific challenges like map locations or clearer explanations of certain tasks, then l2pbomb has you covered. Below you’ll find our complete guide to all Fortnite week 8 challenges.

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Deal Headshot Damage To Opponents

Find and locate any gun; from loot on the ground, supply drops or chests. With the gun equipped aim for the players head as you need to accumulate 250 or more headshot damage. You only have to do damage to the head so killing is not necessary to complete the challenge.]

Search Chests In Salty Springs

Salty Springs is located south from the center of the map. Find and locate the chests and open them (pressing the on-screen button prompt when near a chest when near a chest). Chest Spawns are random and may take a few trips to Salty Springs as you will need to collect 7 chests.

Search 7 Chests In A Single Match

Find and locate chests anywhere on the map. Open the chest by pressing the on-screen button prompt. You will have to open 7 chests in one sitting, so if you die before managing to open 7 chests then you will have to start back at 0. Tip: If you start at Salty Springs you can complete 2 quests in one sitting.

Search Hungry Gnomes

A game of hide and seek anyone? Hidden around Fortnite are 14 gnomes that you have to seek. Some gnomes you can only see the tip of their hats, some gnomes are easy to spot. Once you’re close by you’ll be able to hear theme chuckling away. Collect 7 out of the 14 to complete the mission. Use our map to see the location of all gnomes hiding.

Fortnite season 4 gnomes map location

Search Between A Bear, Crater, And A Refrigerator Shipment (HARD)

These locations can be seen just north of Moisty Mire(west of the labyrinthine path) which you can see the small creator from the map itself. Collect the treasure by pressing the on-screen prompt button. The spot you need to go to find the treasure is here


Suppressed Weapons Eliminations (HARD)

Find and locate weapons that have a suppressor attached to them; from loot on the ground, supply drops or chests. With a suppressed weapon equipped, kill 3 players anywhere on the battlefield. Checkout out weapons list here to see more information on all weapons that count as a suppressed weapon.

Eliminate Opponents In Pleasant Park (HARD)

Pleasant Park is located north-west(west of Loot Lake). Kill three players in Pleasant Park to complete the last mission of week 8. Pleasant Park is one of the largest areas to land and as such you must be very aware of enemies from all angles.