Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Challenges have arrived and this week we actually have some exciting challenges. One task will have us searching where the knife points on the Treasure Map loading screen.

Week 6’s challenges will have players searching for statues, destroying enemies with the new Boom Bow and all the familiar tasks that Epic Games like to hand out. Additionally included in week six is the infamous treasure map. Players are tasked with the following “Search where the knife points on the treasure map loading screen” Challenge.

The Treasure Map is referring to a Loading Screen you unlock at Tier 10 of the Season 8 Battle Pass. Let’s take a look at the Tier 10 Treasure Map Loading Screen.

Fortnite Tier 10 Loading Screen Treasure Map
Tier 10 Loading Screen Treasure Map

Now the Week 6 Challenge asks us to look where the knife points on the map. As you can see the tip of the knife clearly points to the area just north of the Desert Biome racetrack! Use the map below to see exactly where you’ll have to go.

Fortnite Treasure Map Location Season 8
Search Where The Knife Points Map Location

Just north of the desert biome, you’ll come across a pack of trees and in the middle on the ground an obvious patch of dirt. That’s where you’ll find the Battle Star. Talking of Fortnite Battle Stars, check out where to find the Fortnite Week 6 Hidden Battle Star.