Fortnite patch v9.01 while minor, featured many leaked assets including a John Wick Skin and challenges!

Data files belonging to a John Wick themed LTM had first leaked at the start of Fortnite Season 9, however, not much information was known at that point. Fans had been guessing whether we would witness a return of the Reaper skin, which didn’t seem plausible due to the skin being part of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Leaked by prolific Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi we can now see that the John Wick LTM will feature a new John Wick Skin and not a return of the tier 100 Season 3 Battle Pass Skin. Fully modeled after the character famously played by Keanu Reeves. The new skin will come with modified variants that include a Damage John Wick and Back Bling.

Fortnite John Wick Skin - Wick's Bounty
John Wick Skin

There are files relating to a John Wick Glider and special wrap/Umbrella for the LTM, but what they look like are still a mystery…for now. Here are all the Wick’s Bounty Challenges, do note, these challenges are unofficial and may vary once released.

Wick’s Bounty Challenges

  • Complete Any 5 Challenges To Unlock The Reward – Back Bling
  • Win a match of Wick’s Bounty 0/1 – Reward unknown.
  • Play matches of Wick’s Bounty 0/5 – Reward unknown.
  • Collect Gold Tokens 0/120 – 500 XP
  • Collect Gold Tokens in a single match 0/20 – 500 XP
  • Deal damage with the Combat Shotgun 0/500 – 500 XP
  • Deal damage with the Tactical Assault Rifle 0/500 – 500 XP

Now you may be thinking, what is the Wick’s Bounty LTM? Well, the good news is the description for the upcoming LTM has been leaked online as well. It’s time to become that assassin you’ve always dreamt about.

The High Table has opened a new contract. You’re tough but not unstoppable, if you are eliminated three times you are out for good. Stay alive and collect gold tokens by eliminating the other bounty hunters. The first team to reach the required token count wins, but be careful how far ahead you get – token leaders are marked on the map for all to see.

All signs point to the John Wick Skin entering the item store and as such, you’ll have to purchase the skin to have the complete set.

What do you all think about the upcoming LTM? Stay tuned for more information and leaks from Fortnite Battle Royale.