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Fortnitemares Challenges Guide — Fortnite Gargoyles Location and Ghost Decorations ALL Parts Cheat Sheet

Fortnitemares 2018 cheat sheet for all challenges including rewards and challenge lists.

Our comprehensive cheat sheets will cover everything to give you the best Fortnitemares Challenges Guide! Learn how to breeze through each Fortnitemares challenges and earn your special rewards. The rewards up for grabs are the Fiery Emoticon, Deadfire Spray, Virulent Flames Contrail, and the Dark Engine Glider.

Fortnite’s Halloween Event has landed with a splash, bringing into the game monsters from Save the World and incorporating them with the Cube storyline has changed the Battle Royale game mode massively. Not only has the gameplay changed but Epic Games have also released the first reactive skin, with many more leaked skins on the way.

Click on any of the links below to jump to the Fortnitemares challenge part you need.

Fortnitemares Part 1 Challenge Guide

Completing Part 1 challenges will earn you the Fiery Emoticon. You’ll have to complete all four tasks to unlock your rewards.

Destroy Cube Monsters (200)

Just in case you are unaware, Cube Monsters are the biggest change brought into Fortnite for the Fortnitemares event. At every Corrupted zone, you’ll find large Cube Fragments, these fragments will spawn Cube Monsters. Cube Fragments can also spawn randomly around the map but are smaller. Each cube monster you kill with give you a small amount of shield and have a chance to drop loot, anything from ammo to legendary weapons. There’re different types of cube monsters: Cube Fiend, Cube Brute, Elite Cube fiend, Elite Cube Brute, and Mega Cube Brute.

This challenge requires you to kill 200 of these monsters in any variety and with any weapon.

Deal Damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters (5,000)

This challenge goes hand in hand with the first challenge. Whilst you’re killing the Cube Monsters you will accumulate the damage needed to complete this mission naturally. Just remember that the weapon of choice needs to be an Assault Rifle or Pistol.

Use any of the weapons below and deal 5,000 damage to any Cube Monster.

Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches (7)

These types of challenges always mean that you’ll have to play multiple games to complete. This one is going to take at least seven matches. Check out the map below which will show you all the Corrupted Areas, visit one of these areas in seven different matches to complete the challenge.

Corrupted Areas Locations - Fortnite
Dance in front of different Gargoyles (5)

There’re many Gargoyle statues placed all over the Fortnite map, in this mission you’ll have to dance in front of five of them. If you are unsure of what a gargoyle looks like, watch the Fortnitemares part 1 video above.

Gargoyles Location - Fortnite
Fortnitemares Part 2 Challenges Guide

Completing Part 2 Challenges will earn you the Deadfire Spray. You’ll have to complete all four tasks to unlock the rewards.

Destroy Cube Fiends (150)

This challenge requires you to kill 150 Cube Fiends, Which are the small, skinny cube monsters which die the quickest. Cube Fiends are the most common monster to spawn out of the Cube Fragment so completing this task should be fairly simple.

Deal Damage with Shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters (5,000)

Exactly the same as part one challenge except the weapon needed has changed. By completing the first challenge above, you’ll naturally complete this one as well. However, make sure you have a Shotgun or SMG equipped for the kills to count.

Use any of these weapons to deal 5,000 damage to any Cube monster to complete the challenge.

Eliminate opponents at Corrupted Areas (3)

The one downside to these new zombies which I’m sure some of you have encountered is, mindlessly fighting Cube monsters whilst forgetting that there are many non-ai players in the game with you! Countless times I’ve been assassinated by another player as I’ve got in too deep with killing zombies. This challenge puts the shoe on the others foot so to speak. You are tasked will killing 3 opponents at Corrupted Areas, take revenge for all the past times you’ve been killed whilst fighting zombies. Use the map above to see all Corrupted Areas.

Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations (7)

For the past few weeks, Epic Games have been placing Halloween Decorations all over the Fortnite map. Some of these Decorations include Ghost hanging from posts, streetlights, and trees. This Fortnitemares challenge requires you to destroy Seven Ghosts Decorations in locations that are named on the map.

Use this map below to see all the Ghost Decorations locations.

Ghost Decortations Location - Fortnite
Fortnitemares Part 3 Challenges Guide

Completing Part 3 Challenges will earn you the Virulent Flames Contrail. You’ll have to complete all four tasks to unlock the rewards.

Destroy Cube Brutes (25)

Cube Brutes are the fat, troll looking Cube Monsters. Just like the Cube Fiends, they spawn commonly from Cube Fragments scattered all over the map. You’ll need to kill 25 Brutes to complete this challenge, so to do this in one game try to find an isolated spot on the map. Cube Brutes have higher HP and can hit harder so be careful!

Deal Damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters (2,000)

The hardest part about this challenge should be locating an explosive weapon in the first place. Luckily the Cube monsters drop loot as you’re killing them, so once you have got an explosive weapon simply use it on any Cube Monster.

Use any of these explosive weapons below to deal 2,000 damage to Cube Monsters.

Search Chest in Corrupted Areas (7)

This challenge has us running to Corrupted Areas again, however, no killing is needed this time. All you have to do is open seven chests in Corrupted Areas, to do, so we recommend landing at any of the spots located in the map above right away to ensure there is a chest left unopened.

Stage 1: Visit Wailing Woods (5)

Ever since Stage challenges were first introduced it seems that Epic Games quite enjoy them as they are consistently included in the weekly challenges. Now the stage challenges have made their way to the Fortnitemares Challenges. It’s not known what the other stages are right now but this will be updated as soon as that information is available. For now, all you’ll have to do is make your way to Wailing Woods!

Fortnitemares Part 4 Challenges Guide

The last challenges needed to unlock the ultimate reward! Completing all Fortnite Challenges you’ll unlock the Dark Engine Glider!

Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (10)

Elite Cube Monsters are the purple glowing version of the Cube fiends and Cube Brutes which are known as Elite Cube Fiend and Elite Cube Brute respectively. Kill 10 Elite Monsters to complete this challenge.

Damage Cube Fragments (2,500)

Cube Fragments are literally the purple pillars that spawn all the Cube Monsters. If you’re actively trying to complete the Fortnitemares missions, this one will complete organically during your gameplay.

Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (1,000)

Completing this challenge is best done in a low populated area, allowing you more time to tally up 1,000 damage to Cube Monsters. Remember this has to be done in one match, each game you fail to reach this total the score will reset to zero.

Visit Different Corrupted Areas in a single match (4)

Arguably the hardest challenge we’ve had so far. Since the Fortnitemares patch, Corrupted Areas have become hot zones. This challenge will have us going back to Corrupted Areas, but not just one … Four! The best tips we can offer you are: Dedicate one game to just this challenge, find a vehicle and drive-by 4 Corrupted Areas ignoring everything. Or try to sneak into a Corrupted Area, grab a shadow stone and get out fast.

Destroy Cube Fragments (3)

Another challenge that perfectly aligns with another. You can complete this challenge whilst doing the deal damage to Cube Fragments task. Destroy 3 Cube Fragments to complete this challenge.

Complete Fortnitemares Challenges (14)

This one may confuse some people, there’re 17 challenges in total but to complete this last challenge you will only need to finish 14. However, 5 of those 14 will have to be from Part 4 in order for you to unlock the last reward — Dark Engine Glider.


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