This past week Epic Games have been teasing the Fortnitemares Halloween event on their social media pages. Each teaser released arrived with cryptic captions and poems. They have released three so far with the fourth and final Fortnitemares teaser expected on October 23.

The final teaser is set to unlock the cryptic messages found in all the teasers and announce when the event will start. Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait for another teaser to come to find out the start and end date of the Fortnitemares Halloween Event.

Images leaked online shows the PlayStation event for Fortnitemares including the start date Wed, Oct 24 which will run all the way through till Mon, Nov 26.

Fortnitemares Leaked Halloween Event

As the last teaser is expected on October 23, it makes sense for the event to start on the 24th.

Epic Games have slowly been adding in content ready for the Halloween event already with all the spooky map changes, Halloween themed skins like Hollowhead plus let’s not forget the return of Skull Trooper! Other items are set to make a comeback too. Fortnite last year introduced weapons such as Rocket Launchers that shot Pumpkins and a Halloween themed login screen.

The leaked Fortnitemares Event also shows the tagline for the expected rewards — “Spooky rewards await those who complete the new Fortnitemares challenges.”

Fortnitemares will Begin on Wednesday, October 24th for all consoles and the expected end date is Monday, November 26th. Keep up to date with the latest Fortnitemares with l2pbomb. We will update both this article and our social media pages of any changes.