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With over 15 million Slayers, co-founder CEO Jesse Houston has vowed to continue working on the game as the company branches into Asian and Latin American markets.

Singapore-based game developer, Garena has acquired MMO behemoth Dauntless. A fantasy game that takes you on a journey slaying beasts. Harvesting parts for weapons and armor upgrades.

The co-op action monster hunter like game debuted last year and quickly amassed five million users during its first week and now currently has a player base of over 15million Slayers. So why did Pheonix Labs hand Dauntless over to Garena?

Who are Garena?

Garena is one of the leading video games distributors across Taiwan and Southeast Asia regions. Delivering huge titles like Riot Games League of Legends and self-developed mobile title, Free Fire to the Asian market. Boasting over 320 million users for their self-titled mobile battle royale game.

Dauntless Coming to Mobile?

Dauntless Co-Founder CEO Jesse Houston has shared some insight over the recent acquisition that can only mean good news to Dauntless fans.

“We’ve got a pretty good background in PC and console development,” Houston says. “But the next frontier for us is mobile, and then there are a number of emerging markets we want to attack. So we were trying to decide if we wanted to develop these competencies internally or work with external groups.”

With the deal confirmed, it is apparent Jesse Houston has opted to work with an external group and in this case, Garena. Although Pheonix Labs will no longer own Dauntless, Jesse has confirmed himself and his team will continue to work with Garena and Dauntless development.

When asked about whether the deal has changed Pheonix Labs plan Jesse responded.

“Yes, in so far as the Garena folks are largely going to leave us alone and will bankroll our growth,” Houston says. “One of the things I’ve been really lucky is have is great access to talent. I love my team, easily the best team I’ve ever built in my life. And our growth in terms of hiring folks has been limited entirely by our budget and our capitalization. Garena has seen that, and is super into enabling us to grow in the directions we want.”

Due to the Garena expertise in mobile gaming, it very likely plans of a mobile version of Dauntless will be heading to our mobile screens in the foreseeable future.

Dauntless Mobile Release Date

Dauntless official site has since updated their site to include a placeholder which will eventually lead to the mobile version of the game. We can expect the Dauntless mobile version to be released sometime this year 2020.