Dauntless 0.92 Neon & Aether update adds its first-ever faction fight, new Styxians creatures and more

The sixth season of Dauntless introduced for the first time, a two hunt pass season with the first of two coming to an end imminently. Hunt Passes provide users with plenty of cosmetics and items to earn as they grind through 50 levels of the basic track. Owners of the Elite track gained an additional 50 levels with more exclusive premium cosmetics up for grabs.

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High Skies: Fortune And Glory Hunt Pass will end today 20th August 2019 but it will only be a matter of two days break before the next Hunt Pass, High Skies: Zephyr is available on August 22nd 2019.

Dauntless next update 0.9.2 Neon and Aether will feature its first-ever Faction Fight unlocking neon cosmetics, new fearsome “Shark Cats” creatures called Styxians and of course the High Skies: Zephr Hunt Pass, with up to 100 more level and rewards to be earned.

In addition, there are changes made to the new iteration of Patrol Chests 2.0 plus, new hair tints and hairstyles to express your character.

Faction Fight

For two weeks, once the Zephr Hunt Pass goes live, players can start earning points for their chosen Faction. Simply equip the Faction’s sigil and any points earned during Hunts will be counted towards your selected team.

Faction Fight Neon Aether Cosmetics Dauntless
Faction Fight | Dauntless

Which-ever Faction you choose, you will see 25% off your chosen Faction Style Kit, that includes neon hair tints, amour dyes, a banner fabric, banner plant, helm transmog and more.

After two-week duel fest against the other Faction, the winning Faction Lantern will be available for Free to claim within the in-game store.

Faction Fight Lantern Cosmetics Dauntless
Faction Fight Lantern Cosmetics | Dauntless

Join Faction Fight

Once 0.9.2 is live, you’ll be able to join the #FactionFight from the in-game store.

  1. Open the Store and navigate to the Faction Fight tab.
  2. Select the Discount for the side you want to support.
  3. Hit the Claim Reward button to finalize your choice. This will give you 25% off that faction’s Style Kit andthe two sigils you need to participate in #FactionFight.
  4. Equip a sigil from the Personality menu.
  5. Earn one point for every hunt you complete with your faction’s sigil equipped. (Bonus: Equip a hair tint from a faction’s Style Kit to earn an extra point per hunt for that faction!)


Be cautious when entering the Trails as there are new Blood-thirsty creatures called Styxians lurking about.

Styxians Creatures Neon Aether Update Dauntless
Styxians – Dauntless

Hair Tints & Styles

Hair Tints And Styles Neon Aether Update Dauntless
Hair Styles – Dauntless

Brand- new hair tints have arrived in Dauntless 0.9.2 Neon and Aether update. Providing your character with a nice blinding light hair color option that surely makes you stand out in the crowd.

One Hair Tint, Vigilance can be unlocked by reaching the milestone on the basic track. Two more, Endurance and Defiance are available on the Elite Track of High Skies Zephyr Strike Hunt Passs.

To apply any of these styles, visit the mirror in Ramsgate Plaza.

Patrol Chest 2.0

Daily Patrol Chest has been updated to provide clarity on what Patrol Chest are, what they are for and bonuses you receive from them.

Patrol Chest are bonus loot you can obtain by completing one of the listed Patrols.

Patrol Chest List Dauntlessl
Patrol List | Patrol Chest 2.0 – Dauntless

Each player is gifted with two Free Patrol Chest per day and will continue to stack whether or not you log in Dauntless. But keep in mind, you can only hold up to a maximum of six chests.

Purchased chests from the in-game store will allow you to exceed the maximum limit and will not affect your daily Patrol allowance. So if you have zero Patrol Chests and purchase 10, you will still be rewarded with 2 free Patrol Chests per day (up to a max of 6).

The rewards you gain from the chest are solely dependant on the type of Patrol you choose. Orb Patrol grants you with bonus Orbs, Dire Patrol grants you with bonus Arcstones, etc.

Note that all purchased chests and free chests reward you with the same bonus.