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Get ready to play as Ninja in Fortnite’s Battleground!

Richard Tyler Blevins AKA “Ninja” becomes digitised as the streamer gets his very own Fortnite Skin. With four different variations to choose from, find out what they are and how to get them.

Everyone who has played Fortnite would have heard the name Ninja, a professional gamer who rose to stardom streaming Fortnite. And becoming the most subscribed Twitch user with over 14 million followers. Soon, players will be able to play as Ninja as Fortnite prepares to release Ninja very own skin that will go live in Fortnite today.

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Fortnite Ninja Skin

The Ninja skin will have four different variations, Maskless Ninja, Mask On Ninja, Raven Ninja and Reactive Ninja. All skins will include Ninja’s iconic blue hair and headband along with a matching blue jacket, hoodie and sneakers.

Ninja Skin Maskless
Ninja Skin Maskless
Ninja Skin Mask On
Ninja Skin Mask On
Ninja Skin Raven
Ninja Skin Raven
Ninja Skin Reactive
Ninja Skin Reactive

As of yet, there are no details on how much the skin will cost.

Ninja Skin Release Date

The skins are set to come out today and will be available from 16th January until 19th January at 4pm (PT) / 7pm (ET) / 11.59pm (GMT )

Ninja’s Reaction to His Skin

For those who would like to see his reaction check out the video below.

“I’ve dreamt of having a skin in Fortnite since I started playing the game,”

Ninja, 28, wrote in a tweet announcing the update.

Ninja Discount Code

During his tweet Ninja also provide a code “NINJA!” for when users purchase their Ninja skins. However, it not clear what the code does or what sort of discount it provides. We will have to wait and seee when the skin goes live later today.


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