For one week only, hatch different Pokémon from eggs than before, receive bonus candy, encounter Shiny Buneary and more during the Eggstravaganza Event

Its that time of the year where you try and use every incubator you can muster and hatch as many eggs as possible, yes that’s right, Eggstravaganza event returns to Pokémon Go. Providing Pokémon Go users with event bonuses, hatching rare Pokémon than you normally do from eggs and if you are lucky you may encounter a Shiny Buneary. Find out all the details below.

Time and Date

The event will take place from the 16th of April 2019 at 1:00 p.m. PDT until 23rd of April 2019 at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7) lasting one week.

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During the event, it is ideal to use your incubators as the event gives participating users doubles the incubator effectiveness, hatching Pokémon eggs in half the amount of time. In addition, you will be able to hatch rarer Pokémon like Pichu, Magby and Smoochum from 2 km Eggs.

Any Pokémon hatched throughout Eggstravaganza event will also benefit from the double amount of Hatch Candy, quickly levelling your newly hatch Pokémon.

If you are planning to spend more than an hour playing Pokémon Go, go and ahead and use a Lucky Egg, just like the previous bonuses, the Lucky Egg will last twice as long. Lucky eggs provide users double the amount of XP gained from all sources, hatching eggs, capturing Pokémon, Evolving Pokémon and so on. Normally lasting for 30 minutes but during Eggstravaganza it will last up to an hour.

Shiny Buneary

The featured Pokémon for the Eggstravaganza event is Buneary, a Normal-type Pokemon whose form is shaped of a rabbit. A perfect choice of Pokémon for the Easter Holidays. Buneary will be appearing in the wild this Easter and if you are lucky, users may encounter a Shiny Buneary.

The rabbit-like Pokémon Buneray will evolve into Lopunny once you exchange 50 Pokemon Candies. In order to receive a Shiny Lopunny, you will need to evolve your Shiny Buneary.

Buneary will have the chance to know the Fire-type move Fire Punch but if you evolve the Pokemon into Lopunny, the Pokémon may learn some Fighting-type moves.