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With Pokemon Sword and Shield’s imminent launch, it seems that Pokemon GO will also add some Generation 8 Pokemon together with some new features in the game.

Pokemon GO version 0.159.0 update is now live and interesting features have been uncovered by data miners that may eventually make it into the game soon.

Judging by the recent data mine, fans can expect a significantly large update for Pokemon GO. Team GO Rocket’s arrival is already massive and with the developer’s latest update on the Rocket Radar, it’s only a question of time before direct paths intersect with Giovanni and the leaders of the Team GO Rocket at their historic headquarters. As for the Galarian Pokemon, don’t be stunned if you spot new generation 8 Pokemon wandering in Pokemon GO once Pokemon Sword and Shield are released.

Pokemon Go Giovanni
Pokemon Go Giovanni

While Pokemon Go has always been a little behind all the core Pokemon games as far as Pokedex was concerned, Niantic continues to not shy away from energetically promoting new Pokémon. From the launch of Alolan variant Pokemon to Mimikyu clothes and costumes to the inclusion of Meltan and its evolved form Melmetal, the Niantic developers have traditionally supported the main generations of games ahead of Pokemon Go’s Pokedex.

Trainers may look forward to further cross-promotion with the imminent release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield according to data miners on Reddit. The new games, Sword and Shield, are set up in a completely different region called Galar. Like Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon’s Alolan zone, Galar will feature previously released Pokemon versions that invariably bring new appearances and even new types to these old Pokemon.

Currently, there are only four known Galarian variants:

  • Ponyta
  • Zigzagoon and its evolution Linoone (possibly Obstagoon will be released as a final form)
  • Wheezing

In the latest update, new items, quests, and other features have also been discovered. Click the link to see the full data-mine report.

The Pokemon Company has not made an official statement about adding these changes to Pokemon Go, but it seems likely that they will be launched in mid-November together with the launch of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.