Tencent renames PUBG in China to Game for Peace where downed players wave goodbye instead of dying.

Chinese regulators have failed to give approval for PUBG to monetize the mobile version for well over a year, as growing calls for the game to be banned just like it was in Nepal, Iraq, and India. Tencent has decided to change the game slightly to be able to pass the strict Chinese regulations.

PUBG Mobile Now Game for Peace
PUBG Mobile

Tencent claim Game for Peace “Pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace” however, the game itself has not changed much at all and is still very familiar to PUBG except for blood and gore. The biggest change introduced to Game for Peace is instead of dying, characters will pass over their loot and then wave goodbye. Partly hilarious and in part disturbingly creepy.

Any progression made on the Chinese mobile version of PUBG will carry over to Game for Peace. Furthermore, PC players in China will still be able to access the game via steam.

Goodbye PUBG…