11 Phones, one goal. Check out how the Taiwanese Grandpa is hoping to catch them all in Pokémon Go!

If you see a Taiwanese man walking around as if he looks like he will give a press conference at any second, just a heads up, they are not microphones. Instead, they are 11 mobile phones attached in a one-man band style as the Taiwanese grandpa is hoping to catch all the Pokémon in the game Pokémon Go

At 70, Chen San-yuan uses a waist-mounted set-up to play the smash hit mobile game Pokémon Go on 11 mobile phones at the same time. If you are wondering about the battery life of all these mobiles, Chen San-yuan has a backpack for one can assume are power banks to keep the phones constantly charged.

Gotta Catch Them All Taiwanese Grandpa Chen San-yeun Pokémon Go

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For those who are unfamiliar with Pokémon Go, it is a game where you collect creatures called Pokémon. There are hundreds upon hundreds of Pokémon to collect and the aim is to collect all the Pokémon you can find to become the best Pokémon trainer. You would need to visit different areas to find different types of Pokémon and have a chance to capture every single Pokémon the game has. Using the Pokémon you have collected you can battle against other Pokémon and their trainers. Each Pokémon has its own unique skills with some being stronger than others.

This is not the first time Chen San-yuan has made headline news as he first made viral news when he was playing Pokémon Go with 6 mobile phones on his bike. However, San-yuan has since upgraded his equipment to hold 11 phones at the same time and is now known as Uncle Pokémon.

It is reported San-yuan spends more than $1,290 a month on equipment and with the Pokémon game. Even though Pokémon GO is free to play, it offers in-game premium content for a fee. You can get buy extra Pokéball to capture more Pokémon or extra space for your backpack that holds all your Pokéballs and berries in the game and so on.

Chen San-yuan is not stopping anytime soon as he plans to change his current waist-mounted rig to add a further 4 more phones bringing the total to 15.