The latest skins to be teased in ahead of the Overwatch Lunar New Year Event is Guan Yu Reinhardt, Liu Bei’s bravest and strongest generals

With only a few days left until Overwatch Lunar New Year Event is here, Overwatch has been teasing new Chinese-theme skins daily. Guan Yu Reinhardt skin is the latest addition that was teased on Blizzard Overwatch Twitter.

Very much like the previously released skins of Reaper and Hanzo, Reinhardt skin is inspired by a general serving during the late Eastern Han dynasty China. Guan Yu share a brotherly relationship with Liu Bei a Warlord, founded the state of Shu Han and became its first ruler.

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Huang Zhong was General of the Rear which made him on the same level as three other senior generals, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Ma Chao.

Reinhardt ditches his full grey armor and into gold and emerald armor revealing his long black beard. Keeping with the Chinese New Year theme, Guan Yu Reinhardt skin has gold plated Chinese dragon heads on his shoulder, gauntlets and his weapon.

Reinhardt Overwatch Lunar New Year Event
Reinhardt – Overwatch | Blizzard
Overwatch Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin
Guan Yu Reinhardt Skin – Overwatch | Blizzard

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event begins on 24th January, so there are a few more days for more Chinese inspired skins to be teased ahead of the event.

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