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Hands-On: LoL Eternals Revamped

Delaying the launch of the new Eternals Achievement tracker due to heavy criticisms, League of Legends are ready to ship the revised Eternals with some fundamental changes.

Lol Eternals Revamped
Lol Eternals Revamped

League of Legends announced Eternals, a new achievement tracker that captures and celebrates your moments of glory for the specific champion you are playing ahead of LoL new season (Season 10).

However, after heavy criticisms, Riot Games were forced to delay the launch of Eternals and rethink on a new approach. Most of the feedback received from users identified concerns over the costs, how they were obtained and lack of imagination or earning the achievements.

Riot Games has listened, and now revealed details on the new and improved revamp Eternals.

Eternal Changes

Eternal Series Pass

One of the first major changes is the introduction of Eternal Passes; a Starter Series Pass and the main Series Pass, in this case, it will be called Series 1 Pass. Each pass provides 3 Eternals to a specific champion, so if you decide to have both passes, you will have a total of 6 Eternals, with more available at a later date.

Eternal Passes
Eternal Passes

The main pass “Series 1 Eternal Pass” remains RP only for now, however, the Starter Series Eternal Pass is available for purchase with either RP or LoL in-game currency BE (Blue Essences).

Eternal Series 1 Pass will cost 5850 RP and the Starter Series Pass for 1350 RP or 14750 BE.

Lol Eternals
Lol Eternals

If you do not wish to purchase the Eternal Passes, users will have an option to purchase Eternals for a specific champ individually within the Riot Store.

Eternal Series Individual Eternals
Eternal Series Individual Eternals

Players can now purchase Eternals with Blue Essences

Individual prices of Starter Series Eternals will cost 225 RP or 2500 BE. In addition, the Series 1 Individual Champion Eternal will cost 600 RP. Each individual champion Eternal will unlock three Eternals.

Keep in mind, Eternal Passes unlock Eternals for all champions and future champions which is a 90% discount compared to buying them individually.

What is the difference between Starter Series Eternal Pass and Series 1 Eternal Pass?

Starter Series Eternal Pass offers general achievements such as Epic Monsters Killed, Structures Destroyed, Takedowns, etc.

Eternals Starter Series Achievements
Eternals Starter Series Achievements

The main Series 1 Eternal Pass will provide more unique achievements, one particular area Riot Games have address based on users feedback.

Eternals Series 1 Achievements
Eternals Series 1 Achievements

The unique achievements will be related to the specific champion and their abilities. For example, one of Aurelion Sol Eternals is for eliminating enemies within 10 seconds after using his E skill (Comet of Legend).

Eternals Fallen Stars Aurelion Sol
Eternals Fallen Stars Aurelion Sol

Even more Unique Stats to track

As previously mentioned, users complained that the Eternal achievements were not exciting enough. With the new revamped Eternals, Riot Games have added additional Unique Eternals to each champion.

Here is an example between the old and new Eternal for Vladimir

Vladimir’s Original Series 1 Set:

  • Multiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Hemoplague (R)
  • Duration of enemy champions slowed by abilities, items, and runes
  • Enemy champions killed

Vladimir’s New Series 1 Set:

  • Multiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Hemoplague (R)
  • Transfusions (Q) empowered by Crimson Rush (QP) used on enemy champions
  • Skillshot missiles dodged with Sanguine Pool (W)

You will find the unique Eternals with the main Series 1 Eternal Set or within the Series 1 Eternal Pass.


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You wrote, “The main pass “Series 1 Eternal Pass” remains RP only for now”. Has Riot stated anywhere that the price would change/ have a BE value as well? And if so, where?

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