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To celebrate the beginning of what made blizzard great, Blizzard announces Blizzard Arcade. It has an old-school arcade vibe where you can gather with your friends and experience some of the earliest things Blizzard has ever made.

It will also feature new games for BlizzCon where you can relive the magic with games like Rock and Roll Racing, Blackthorne and the Lost Vikings.

The Blizzard Arcade isn’t just a celebration of how far they have come, it’s also a showcase of some of their new announcements.

StarCraft 2 fans have two exciting announcements for those in the Blizzard Arcade.

StarCraft 2 Announcements

For the very first time, players going to pit themselves against a Deepmind AI agent right on the show floor. Blizzard has been working with Google and Deepmind Artificial Intelligence project, teaching agents how to play the game as part of their AI research.

There are two levels of AI, Master and Diamond Agent with the likely hood of winning damn near impossible.

Arcturus Mengsk

Starcraft 2 Arcturus Mengsk Commander
Starcraft 2 Arcturus Mengsk Commander

Leader of the Sons of Korhal and the ruler of Terran Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk is being brought to life as he enters the game as the next Co-Op Commander.

Mengsk is ready in the Blizzard Arcade and is like no other commander you had experience before.