Revealed during League of Legends 10th Anniversary Event, a brand-new skin which sees Tibbers dresses up as Teemo

Riot Games had already introduced a round of Halloween skins for League of Legends upcoming patch, 9.21 but in celebration of their amazing 10 years, another skin was unveiled, Annie-versary. You will finally get to see Annie’s bear, Tibbers transform into everyone’s favortie Yordle, Teemo.

Annie-versary Skin

Annies Annie Versary Skin Splash Art Lol
Annies Annie Versary Skin Splash Art – Lol

Celebrating in true fashion, Annie new skin is filled with bright colors and rainbow particles, including a new recall animation that involves a giant cake. You can see the skin in action below.

Now the important question, how to unlock Annie-versary?

Riot Games is releasing the skin for free for everyone who signs into League of Legends and completes the 10th-anniversary missions.

Since LoL 10th Annervisary, missions have appeared where players can earn a number of prizes, ranging from summoner icons, Gem Stones to free Legendary skins and of course Annie-versary skin.

A new mission is added every day with a new reward and will continue to do so for a total of 11 days. Meaning 11 free prizes are up for grabs.

Here is a breakdown of the Anniversary Mission Prizes

  • Day one: Anniversary Icon, Emote, and Ward Skin
  • Day two: 6,300 Blue Essence
  • Day three: Masterwork Chest and Hextech Key
  • Day four: Little Legends Rare Egg
  • Day five: 3,000 Orange Essence
  • Day six: Four Skin Shards
  • Day seven: 25 Prestige Points
  • Day eight: 200 Worlds 2019 Tokens
  • Day nine: Two Gemstones
  • Day 10: Legendary Skin
  • Day 11: Annie-versary, Birthday Border, and Icon

You will notice on the last and 11th day; players can earn themselves the Annie-versary skin on the 28th of November.

Do not worry If you have missed some days as Riot Games have assured their users will still be able to get previous day rewards for a limited time only. Looking at the missions availability, it would appear you will have 4 weeks to collect your gifts.