Harry Potter Wizards Unite Accidentally Release Early

Embark on a magical journey, Exploring and collecting magical virtual objects, investigating and containing The Calamity – Your journey begins now!

A few days ago, the anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer was teased via HPWizardsUnite Twitter page, announcing that the upcoming Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be released to the world on 21st June. However, users began to flood to Social media outlet to report that they can already download the mobile game.

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Unfortunately, not all users who tried were successful but for those who were successful, posted images of proof of being able to download and play the game. As well as videos of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay Lvl 1
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay – Journey Begins!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Developed and created by Niantic, the same creator of the global hit AR game, Pokémon Go takes users on a magical journey combining the content of the iconic wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Recruited as the newest member of the Statue of Secrecy Task Force, you must unite with other witches and wizards to seek and resolve the mystery of The Calamity. Explore the world and experience the next generation of AR gaming. Finding Artefacts, Creatures, Witches and Wizards and even memories that have started to appear in the Muggle world. Return these “Foundable” to prevent the exposure of Magic.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite is available on IOS and Android.


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